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prepping 10 ways to upgrade your emergency gear supplies prepper bug out bag survival stockpile
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to
share with you 10 ways to upgrade your
emergency supplies prepping gear survival lots of times when we
start prepping preppers we get pretty excited we
buy a bunch of emergency survival must have stuff we go through our SHTF Bug Out Bag gear and we make sure we have the things
we need but then there might be a lull
in excitement or we get busy doing our
day to day lives and we forget to
actually check and make sure we have the emergency prepping Bug Out survival SHTF gear supplies items
things we need so these are a few ideas
of items to upgrade the prepping supplies that
you have or add to a beginning prepper stockpile of emergency gear if you’re a beginning prepper the first
most important prepping item is water make sure you have extra stored drinking water the common
denominator of every emergency is that
you need fresh drinking water if you
have room to store more water get some make sure you have a water purification
filter I think a lot of people are
uncertain what makes a good water
purification system and so then they
hesitate and end up not providing
something like a water purification way to purify water that you don’t have to be
out in the woods to need to purify your
water there are times when even in your
home you may get an announcement that
your community is under a water boil alert
so rather than boil water you can use
the stored water you have and then
filter with your water filtration system
any extra water that you need there are
simple water filters from the LifeStraw up to
water bottles that have a built-in water purification filter to bigger water purifier systems like a Berkey water filter
water filters do come in a variety of sizes and price points so find one that suits your
needs and your budget most of us have a
stockpile of food but it’s time to
upgrade add to your long term food storage get some more food have some more variety of food if you only have emergency food beans and rice
add some canned and packaged foods goods if you only have canned and packaged goods add some
long-term foods freeze dried dehydrated food designed to store for 30 years even if you have beans and rice
and canned and packaged goods food maybe you’re lacking a variety of food choices do you have
some meat store do you have enough
fruits vegetables different kinds of
cereals oatmeal pancake mix foods that last on your long term food storage pantry shelf and are easy to
prepare look through the variety of food that you have and make sure there’s enough
different food so that you wouldn’t
suffer from food fatigue if for some
reason you needed to just rely on the
foods that you have in your home many
emergencies are amplified by injuries
make sure you have first aid supplies
first aid supplies stored in the areas where you spend time are likely to be where
you need them in an emergency event so
spread first aid kits around your home your car
your Bug Out Bag and maybe even have
your own personal first aid kit at work at your
desk in your locker so that you can
provide the first aid things that you need and you
still aren’t reliant on someone else
sanitation can be a huge problem in a
grid down or a water shortage emergency
make sure you have some sort of a
portable toilet you can find a Luggable
Loo honey bucket portable emergency toilet that has a bucket that already has a
toilet seat lid installed you can buy just the toilet seat lid you can buy chemical toilets that are
designed for RVs and camping but
whatever you do figure out what you’re
going to do the time when you need to go
to the bathroom and there isn’t one
available is the wrong time to be
planning out how you’re going to handle having an emergency toilet sanitation supplies
that kind of an emergency I like the
idea of the Luggable Loo portable emergency toilet because it’s
easy to stockpile the sanitation supplies you need right inside the emergency toilet bucket you can have
toilet paper plastic bags and any kind
of supplies for hygiene already combined
together if you want more information on
how to use a portable toilet I’ll put a
link to a video I made about that winter
is on the horizon do you live in a cold
climate do you have a heat source if you
have a fireplace make sure you have
enough additional fuel if that’s not a
solution that works for you look over
some kind of a portable heat source
perhaps propane heater like Mr Heater Buddy something like that that
is safe to use in your home some of the portable propane heaters like Mr Heater Buddy propane heater are designed to be used in something
like a tent or a patio and some of them like Mr Heater Buddy portable propane heater are actually safe to use inside your home
recognize that any time you have a
burning flame
you need a source of oxygen because the
flame is burning up the oxygen that you
have along with your portable heating
system it’s a good idea to make sure
that you have a carbon monoxide detector everyone doesn’t have carbon monoxide detectors if they don’t
have natural gas in their home but in an
emergency situation you might end up
using some propane and then you’re going to need to know if you’ve burned up your
oxygen and you’re at a risk to carbon
monoxide poisoning look in the back of
your car hopefully you’re finding a Bug Out Bag emergency supplies
that has the emergency survival supplies you need 72 hour kit but a few extra tools might help see you through
an emergency do you have a crowbar that
can come in handy of helping you get
unstuck a crowbar is also handy because
you can also use it for personal
protection if your safety is threatened
do you have flashlights batteries
candles matches and lighters upgrade
your emergency gear with an oil lamp Aladdin oil lamp
some lamp oil and some wicks an oil
Lantern or lamp can burn for hours and
hours days and days months and months on a gallon of lamp oil it’s the best kind
of prepping emergency light for long-term power outages or living off-grid compared to any of the
lighting sources that you could have on
hand I’ll put a link to a video on how
to use oil lamps and how to trim the
wicks to get the most light out of them
make sure you have a fire extinguisher
in your home and also keep one fire extinguisher in your
car then check them periodically because
they do lose their charge and then
they’re not going to work anymore link to how to use fire extinguishers take
the time to go over the emergency survival supplies that
you have inventory them replace ones
that are used up and discard ones that
are no longer useful and then replace emergency survival gear or upgrade them so that no matter
what comes along you’re going to have
the emergency survival SHTF supplies gear items things you need
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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Tactical Flashlight Techniques Buy Best Price Online

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  1. Another great video AG. Now is the time to prep for the special challenges winter brings. We too easily become complacent. Reviewing what we have on hand and upgrading is wise advice. Thanks, K

  2. I recently read up on large scale water purification, like for neighborhood use, using Pool Shock for Water Purification. In a real SHTF situation survival will depend on community cooperation….unless you live in Alaska πŸ˜‰ Hope you are doing well Granny! We love your insight from down here in Texas!

  3. The items you mentioned does come in handy in an emergency and I have most of them in my vehicle already and everyone should have several emergency kits on hand when you need it.

  4. Just FYI, water filters do not filter viruses. You still need to purify it further either by chemical, uv, or boiling. If boiling, 6 minutes is the recommended time.

  5. I also have a fire blanket alongside my fire extinguishers, because unlike fire extinguishers, they don't need replacing. Plus, they have the advantage of being cheaper than extinguishers if you're on a tight budget. Ideally they're to be bought alongside an extinguisher because they have limitations, however, they're better than nothing if you don't have much spare money.

    Another good video on how you can upgrade your supplies, or supplement the supplies you already have.

  6. I've watched lots of survival/prepping channels during the past 5 years to improve my own abilities & level of preparedness. I've also volunteered in and trained in our Town's CERT program for many years as well. Really appreciate your no nonsense, common sense, keep it simple approach. I think you are one of the best preparedness educators out there. Thx!