Tactical Flashlight That Shocks Where Can One Order

cheap prepping items what should preppers do
now must have prepping supplies bug out bag hi
it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper the election is
over like it or not we need to make the best of
it and move forward because that’s what we
do as preppers we get ready to handle what
could be next so today plug in your crock
pot toss in some bacon some pinto beans
a can of rotel or tomatoes with chilies fill it
up with water plug it in on low and let it go for
eight hours and you’ll have time now to go through
your supplies and make sure that you have a
adequate supply of these cheap must-have prepping
supplies make sure that you have lots of garbage
bags lots of us know that we need to have plenty
of big black garbage bags and you want to make
sure that you get the heavy duty contractor bags
because they are absolutely the handiest garbage
bags that you can have you can make all kinds of
things out of them you can use big black plastic
bags for so many things I’ll put a link to a video
I made about lots of ways that you can use a big
black plastic bag now make sure you also have a
supply of tall kitchen drawstring bags because
these are what you’re going to need if you need
to use your emergency toilet these are the perfect
size to use in your five gallon bucket that makes
into an emergency toilet and if something goes
wrong that you need to use a porta potty Luggable
Loo Honey Bucket portable toilet emergency you
want to make sure that you have plenty of these
I’ll put a link to a video I made about how to use
a portable toilet emergency toilet and hopefully
you will never have to but in case you do it’s
certainly an important thing to know take an
inventory of your cordage ropes string twine do
you have some heavy duty paracord do you have
some nylon rope and don’t forget things cords like
just white cotton string and jute twine there’s
all kinds of different cordages that have lots
of different uses emergency survival prepping
needs whether you want to use them to build a
shelter or you want to use cordage string like
jute twine to tie up in your garden or even as
a fire starter easy cheap fire starters have you
been using up your zip ties maybe you need to
stock up on some more zip ties emergency prepping
supplies stockpile bug out bag can be extremely
handy zipties come in all different types of sizes
and strengths don’t just buy the least expensive
zipties at the Dollar Tree store the zip ties and
prepping supplies from the Dollar Tree store are
handy and useful but there are certain instances
when you might need something that’s super heavy
duty ziptie and these Dollar Tree store zipties
aren’t going to cut it so get some extra heavy
duty zip ties for your emergency prepping supplies
as well make sure you have a good supply of tape
plus if you’ve had it set away in your prepping
supplies for a few years some climates the tape
just doesn’t last if you live in an extremely
hot or dry climate the tape can just turn into
brittles and dust so check over your emergency
supplies stockpile bug out bag 72 hour kit that
you have some duct tape make sure you have some
black electrical tape and scotch tape is also
handy for so many things that we need to do so
make sure that you have a wide variety of the
different kind of tapes cheap prepping items that
you use on a regular basis do you have a supply
of emergency candles you should have everything
from votive candles that you can drop into a jar
or a glass dish for a little bit of light in a
power outage all the way up to a tall 80 hour
candle that you can even find for a dollar at the
Dollar Tree store emergency candles these candles
actually burn for 80 hours you can find them
cheap at all different kinds of stores sometimes
they have a religious picture on them and they
can burn for many many hours many many days
in an emergency situation power outage you’re not
burning candles 24 hours a day or even all night
so you want to have a selection of candles and
even the big tall candles can last for weeks at a
time because you’re only using it for a few hours
a day whether you’re lighting your candles or
starting fires make sure you have an ample supply
of matches of the long utility lighters and a nice
selection of small lighters how do you know how
much fuel is still left in your lighter you can
shine a light through it and you can see where
the fuel is also if you’re storing your lighters
away for long-term emergency stockpile bug out
bag 72 hour kit prepper storage put a piece of
tape over them so that they don’t evaporate
and lighters actually last longer that way
we may not always want to use candles and you
can find solar lights that are very inexpensive
even sometimes from the Dollar Tree store solar
lights they come with a little tab that you pull
to activate it but don’t pull it until you’re
ready to use it solar lights from Dollar Tree
are already fully charged so you can put these
away with your emergency gear and then in an
emergency if it’s nighttime you can get out the
solar light pull the tab and it’s going to work
if you’ve already pulled the tab the solar light
will run down and then in the dead of night if the
power goes out you don’t have a way to use these
until you can charge them up again I’ve had great
luck with these Dollar Tree solar lights even in
the dead of winter in the deepest snow in Alaska I
use these Dollar Tree solar lights in my yard they
light up the trails and walkways and give a few
hours of light even in the dead of winter I’ve
also found that the dollr tree solar lights are
sturdy and they’ve continued to light the way
for more than a year so they were well worth the
dollar everybody needs several flashlights and the
batteries that go with them in your cheap prepping
items stockpile bug out bag emergency supplies
don’t buy the very cheapest flashlights because
they’re just not going to last you can also look
and see if you can find the flashlights that have
a usb rechargeable port that’s my favorite
flashlight Go Time Gear make sure you at least
have several flashlights and that you spread
them around so you have them in handy places
we never know when if the lights are going to
go out check that you have flashlights in your
car in your get home bag and in your bug out bag
it may be winter now but it will be spring again
if you have the chance to pick up some seeds
get them stock up on garden seeds you can store
seeds in an airtight container and they’ll last
for several years I have some seeds stored in a
ziploc bag I have some seeds stored in a food
storage container I buy seeds at Dollar Tree
and I’ve also stored seeds airtight in a cookie
tin now your seeds are going to last longer if
they’re airtight but they’re still not going
to last forever so don’t buy garden seeds and
then put them away forever and count on them being
there for you when you need them you need to still
rotate these stored seeds through with fresh
seeds as you can have them it’s nice to have
seeds a year or two even three years with your
emergency stockpile prepping supplies ahead but
make sure that you’re rotating seeds so that if
you are in an emergency and you have to grow your
own food that your seeds are still going to be
viable buy heirloom seeds at Dollar Tree when you
can get them and make sure that you’re learning
what plants can grow in the area where you live
if you live in a very cold climate like I do
there are a lot of things that just won’t grow
here the growing season is not long enough
so figure out what people grow in your area
and stock up on those seeds if it’s something like
radishes that you’re never going to eat anyway
it doesn’t make sense to grow foods you don’t
want any more than it makes sense to buy food
you don’t want to take up your pantry space learn
what grows where you live the foods that you
like and those are the seeds that you should be
stockpiling cheap prepping items there are a lot
of things that we need as preppers and it’s always
a great idea to be taking time to rotate through
check your prepping supplies see if your things
have all of the components that they need
that you still know how to use things
emergency gear and they’re useful to you
if you find things that you don’t want anymore
or clutter you don’t know how to use them
declutter them use that space for things that you
do want and you will use just because you bought
something for prepping 10 years ago doesn’t mean
it’s something you still need to hang on to today
then it becomes hoarding it’s clutter and it
takes up all the space not only in our house but
also in our mind that we’re trying to figure out
how to use all these things if you can’t figure
out a way to use something and it isn’t useful
anymore get rid of it pass it on and replace it
with something that is better and more useful to
you if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it
with someone else you think might like it learn
more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe
to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper
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  2. Agree on everything you say EXCEPT: The election ain't over.. they are still counting and throwing out fraudulent votes courtesy of the Democrat party

  3. I'm new to this and have been working on my food. I now have about a 3 month supply plus extras. Thanks for the reminder that more than just food is necessary.

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