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  1. Good video. I would change the holster personally. I have a holster that is pretty fast on and off and doesn't slide around on the belt like that. Personal preference. Love your stuff, been binge watching all your ax videos and am getting the cold steel for a start, ax file and the stone. Thanks for the great content.

  2. Cory, it would be UK youtube gold if you would make the old school bald guy hankie "hat". Knot the four corners and voila, working guys makeshift sun shield. Union Jack or Stars and Stripes "hankie" makes the lefty-Marxists blood boil for some reason! lol.

  3. The webbing is “Type 7” you can tell by the Yellow thread on top and bottom but “Type 13” Black thread and is Stronger(double).

  4. I have always owned a rechargeable flashlight that is small enough to fit in my pocket & lately, I am noticing that rechargeable flashlights are harder to find & the one that I have now, the name has worn off so, I do not know the make nor model! It was purchased at walmart years ago, It is white & of course it is a bit dimmer these days & yellowed but, it always works! It plugs into any outlet & the plug folds in on itself & tucks out of the way when not in use. I really like it & cannot find it anywhere! I do like your holster!!!

  5. Old timer sharp finger. That's my favorite. It's classic. I've had countless. Usually I just give them away and just get another because they are only 20 bucks.
    They've changed to stainless steel, but they are still great. Timeless design.

  6. One hand opening saw on the Victorinox. The tip of the saw extends just a bit to allow you to hook the tip on something and open the saw blade. Made that way on purpose. I have the Rescue Knife and their German Army Trekker

  7. I only use white or light blue handkerchiefs.
    Every day a fresh one.
    That’s a lot to iron but I just can’t without.

  8. Your knife is a good choice. I got my verry first Swiss knife at the age of 12, a simple one, just two blades, a screwdriver with bottle opener and a second one with a can opener plus a cork puller and an ahle.
    I still have it in a drawer.
    Then I bought myself what today is called "Evolution S557", with scissors, a plier, saw, file and several other tools because I started riding motorbikes, and Leathermans Tools were not invented yet. I carried it until I got my first, the original Leathermans Tool.
    Only some years later I bought another Swiss Knife, because I was not impressed of the steel of the Leatherman. This time the "great Swiss Army Knife", one of the first ones of the shape you carry, today it is called "Work Champ", with fixable blade, file, saw, plier, Philips screwdriver and two flat ones, and so on. This one I carry now for literally the second half of my live, the half of 60 years.
    The same time I found the "Swiss Tools", who are a lot more precise machined and made of a better steel than the original Leatherman large I used to carry at the time. The plier on these is as precice as a tweezer, and every tool is fixable. I highly recommend them.
    I have two Swiss Tools, my first one that is about 25 – 28 years a real EDC, and a newer one that is 15 years with me. Its a slight different one, only one blade, but scissors.
    Still wearing the knife and the Swizz Tool, because I am still riding motorcycles, and I am a working musician. I use the tool and the knife every day.
    Ah yeah, beeing a big ColdSteel fan for a long time, I allways carry one of their knifes as a secondary blade. They have stunning, massive and realy sharp and useful folders.

  9. When i go work or in the woods i carry a swiss army knife farmer,phone,wallet, utility knife husky,survival card,paracord,flashlight and a first aid kit

  10. Very cool belt.
    I have a similar one with a proprietary buckle developed for emergency rappelling/ EDC by a guy i know, who was special forces A team. He rapelled off a 100ft tower with it,
    but designed it sleek enough for EDC jeans normal wear.
    This might be heresy,
    but I carry my clip knife in a belt sheath.
    Just in case you wanted to fall in love with your Benchmade again..