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  1. For first aid, even if I didn't have a boo boo kit I would be sure I had a tourniquet

  2. And I would want a belt knife that will interlock with its hard sheath to make a fence cutter

  3. 10:27 A tip some might have overlooked – having multiple electric devices in your pack that take the same battery type. Bravo. Less spares to worry about and if one item fails or has to be overused its battery can be replaced with another devices's battery.

  4. Just stick with Dave Canterbury 10Cs items and you have to worry about anything that’s what I’ve used for years

  5. I'll take a rental satellite phone over ALL of that stuff put together. You can easiily be too sick or hurt to utilize any of that stuff and none of it is going to help you vs a quake, flood, tsanmi, hurricane, avalanhe, wildfire, mudslide. But the sat phone will.

  6. I like all of your equipment. There is so much redundancy there that you probably never need all of it. My wife, daughter, and I hike in wilderness areas and state parks and such and have found that we each have minimal survival kit and share big items between each if us. We also use the cooking gear when at road side parks on trips and when my daughter and I at the neighborhood lake. I have the small ham radio that can get fm and weather channels and they carry frs radios and we have chosen a family channel and my daughter uses it when she walks our dog. Thanks for your video.