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  2. a dog pancho for a shelter……..SSSSSHIT! my pitbull would have a heart attack if she had too sleep any where but in my bed. she will sit and cry all night if she can not get into the bed. i will not even get started if the god damn dog has to eat dog food or is she stays outside by herself. she can not even stay in side with out being by someone in the family…..if and when shower or go to the restroom….the dog will go in with you or will sit at the door until you get out….i swear she is more needy then my girlfriend…

  3. if you are in canada….try and go in the fall……when the salmon run…its a sight to see

  4. I don't know about the other dogs, but Dax would have his vest wet and muddy as soon as he gets to the water and stay muddy until you all made it back home. My dog would look nice with a vest on like the ones they are wearing, but with my luck someone would run over him after the vest is put on him and I am out of sight. He still likes chasing cars and that is one thing I have not been able to break him of.

  5. What's the size your labs are wearing? Is it the Large one? Because my lab is pretty much the same size

  6. Most importantly you need a well trained dog that follows your commands. It's not good to have a dog that will run off and chase another animal. What ever gear it is carrying may wind up being lost.

  7. Hi Lilly! I wanted you to know this video will be emailed to over 100k subscribers as part of an article for Modern Survival (modernsurvival.org) to show different options for dog out bags. Thank you! (and of course we'll make sure to credit you.)

  8. I think I would put nothing on the dog because if I die from whatever how is the dog going to use anything on them and it may make it harder for them to hunt I would ether go with armor for protection from larger animals or snakes or not at all. Like In North America bears, mountain Lions and wolves are a thing a dog that can move is good but armored can help in a fight a dog without can run . Now is your dog going to run or fight for you. And if the food is on you the dog can rip open your pack to get food. And some animals hunt you down by your noise.

  9. Very cool. With something like this your dog could save your life with some extra gear. Plus Its nice to have your dog working with you and helping you along the way.