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  1. I think everyone packs these things differently. The ones that I pack for myself and my family are lightweight and have just enough in them to get us from our home to our primary bugout location. I pack basic things like face masks for particulates, water purification tablets and Survival Tabs (usually three days’ worth). But I also include some things that I have never seen anyone on Youtube include in their bags, like a small lock picking set and a four way water key. I tend to believe that everyone focuses too heavily on "dead in the middle of nowhere" bushcraft type items when most of us live near major cities where lock picks and water keys could come in very handy in a bad situation. Of course, you have to know how to use these items if you are going to pack them. I spend a lot of time training my family how to use these items. Yeah, Yeah I know. I taught my 9 year old daughter how to pick locks. It’s not bad parenting; it’s survival of the most knowledgeable.
    Just as a side note, I also like vacuum sealing everything that I put in my bags. It protects everything from moisture damage during storage and use. You can get a cheap vacuum sealer and a crap load of bags for under a hundred bucks and the thing has a thousand uses.
    You know I might do a video on my bags and post it to the tube. I may have a few ideas that no one else has thought of. See if I can bring something to the survival communities’ table.

  2. What hat are you wearing? I am looking for stiff brimmed boonie/outback hat like the one you have on.

  3. I know that this video is three years old, but do you have any idea what the weight was? Also, I found the pack on Ebay for $16. Almost 65 liters. But where's the shelter? I'm in Colorado, so for most of the year year need to be able to get through a cold night, especially in the winter with the minus 0 temos.

  4. I remember that 2016 storm and folks were not prepared. The company I worked for was headquartered in Atlanta and they were stuck at work. Yes….the highway looked like they were filming The Walking Dead. I was glad to see that beautiful axe!! I don't have that exact Sam's Club backpack but the one I have is priceless and worth the money!

  5. Saw electrical tape but no duct/gorilla tape? Lrg plastic bag?
    I normally hv cooking stuff too…

  6. Good video. However, you used a lot of brand names for "thingys" that as a rookie I have no idea what they were. Slow down, you talk so fast my old ears can't follow you. But I enjoyed the video anyway 😁.

  7. I would definetly recommend adding some calorie bars that don’t expire too soon like ones they have on boats and para cord