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  1. Looks like a great B.O.B. you got there! A few things I would add are pocket sharpener for the knives, rescue tool (glass breaker, safety cutter etc.), duct tape, sewing kit or at least a needle. I would also add a few N95 masks. They filter much more than just dust and can be had for pretty cheap at most drug stores.

  2. @aznpos531 I actually do have some duct tape in there. I must have just missed it when I did the vid. It is wrapped around a credit card to save space in the bag. All those other things are great ideas, and I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the suggestions! Great comment!

  3. I like your vids. A few suggestions for your bag. consider a backpack so you can easily go on foot. you are missing basic needs.. Food, clothing and shelter. you need a survival tube tent, food bars and some dry socks for 3 people. you should spend some time watching bug out bag videos on youtube. you have a great car kit there. you need a wilderness suvival kit.

  4. Good video. How much does that bag weigh fully loaded? If you had to walk for several miles would it be a bothersome weight? Why not a backpack or hiking pack? Just curious.

  5. @NorthEast911 I haven't weighed it, but it isn't too heavy. It does have a shoulder strap. Backpacks cost a fortune, and I just can't see spending that kind of money for something that I will hopefully never use.

  6. @NorthEast911 I do not have any food in there because I keep this bag in the trunk of my car. Food would freeze in the winter, and get too hot in the summer. I live in a fairly rural area, so if I had to run for the hills, I would be able to find food in nature.