13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Tsa How Can One Shop At 19:40

  1. If you twist the top cover counterclockwise, the top cover comes off. There's room to carry a few small items in it.

  2. I'm not sure of that particular brand but the atomic lantern the top comes off and there's enough room to store 3 spare batteries in a ranger band, I'm interested if that one does the same thing.

  3. $4.99 at Harbor Freight, wife and I each got one, works great! Even came with batteries but we replaced them with quality lithium in batts.

  4. Thanks for the demo! If glare bothers your eyes, simply prop or hang a small hand mirror in front of the facing side: blocks out the glare yet doubles the lumens with the reflected image.

  5. camping lantern rechargeable