11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Unturned Id For Sale Buy Now At 7:41

  1. Hallo Sepp!
    Gut, dass es dir besser geht. Erhol dich vollends gut und schnell.

    Interessante und schöne Sachen hast du da wiedermal zu zeigen … der Mini-Esbitkocher ist ja eine Wucht!

    LG, Tim

  2. Yowza! There is some really nice gear in there Sepp. I look forward to seeing some of it put to use in the future. Cheers, Mark.

  3. Good Morning 2 U, Sepp; So Glad 2 hear that the infection has healed & U R back enjoying & Sharing with us, What U so much enjoy. Loving the spot U chose 4 your video. Simply Breathtaking. Quite a display of items U reviewed. All very nice & serviceable. Thank U 4 Sharing this with us here, Friend. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy Trails From The Maritimes In Canada ATB Terry
    " GOD BLESS "

  4. What beautiful presents and how to cool to have your name stamped onto a knife 🙂 Glad to hear you are making good recovery Sepp and hoping you & your family are doing well ~Peace~

  5. Hallo Sepp.
    ja dann war das ja wirklich schlimm mit dem Fuß….schön das du wieder gesund bist und wieder Filmchen machen kannst. Liebe Grüße da lass, dein Freund Tino

  6. Glad your foot was ok– saw the one where it was inflamed and was worried about spiders — they can be so BAD — glad all is well