7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Usb Rechargeable Best Brand To Buy At 11:40

  1. I been starting to build.a emergency backpack…
    Good idea on the handcrank radio/phone charger…imma definately get me.one of.those

  2. hi just a quick idea you should have a small shovel and remove the items from their packaging as you will have more room and maybe consider a water bottle empty or full to help you travel with water if need be but other wise i loved the video you spoke clearly and explained the purpose of each item very well cheer from you aussie prepper

  3. so funny. I can see you are a couch survivalist. All unpackaged never useditems, cheap items and anyone who really used these would know what is really missing in there and what is useless. If you'd see my wood gear bag stuff is used and REAL stuff you need.

  4. for once i would like to see one of these bug out bag videos with the narrator talking like donald duck…

  5. For trauma i would suggest getting some thing like this especially if you did get into something more serious or if you came across some one in distress http://shop.thetacticalmedic.com/Severe-Trauma-Kit-Insert-USMC-IFAK-A1-STI-IFAK-A1.htm