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  1. im looking at this knife now and the gerber lmf2 and i just cant make up my mind. I just joined the army and am looking for a good survival knife as well as a good egress knife because im trying to get into airborne. could you do a video of the knife in the sheath? and take a little bit more about the sheath because to me the sheath is just as important as the knife

  2. @scorpionz7175 It is a little small depending on your application. It's more of a mid-size knife. If I was concerned about getting into a knife fight, I would probably go with a full sized Ka-Bar for the stand-off capability.

  3. @xmjmadnessx666 Hi there; I own both and they are both good; I suggest you wait until you get to your duty station before you buy a fixed blade. You don't really need a knife to egress from an aircraft since they all have 'egress handles' where all is needed is for you to grab and rip open the fusolage. So, no sweat there. Also, some commanders are 'tight' as far as blades goes, so again, I'd suggest you wait. Good luck for BCT/AIT or OSUT.