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  1. EMERGENCY KIT – BUDGET (DO IT YOURSELF) FAMILY BAG- This video shows you how I've updated our emergency kit on a budget. I have built this kit over time and in the last couple of years I've added some cheap but cool things to make sure we stay safe in an emergency situation. Please let me know if there's something you think I should include but haven't.

  2. Rope or twine or something similar. Duct tape or electrical tape. Iodine or bleach (to sterilize water, cuts, and surfaces).

  3. If you’ve kids a tip is to size up the clothing in the bag, when they’ve grown enough to fit them just put them in their closet to use and get a new set of clothing that’s sized up. No extra money spent for clothes that won’t be used.

  4. When talking about the bag you said that you could potentially be carrying both kids and the back pack, i would say reduce the weight in that bag as much as possible. maybe even try it on and walk with it for a little while every once in a while to make sure weight is okay for you to be carrying, for possibly extended periods of time. Examples would be changing out bulky and heavy items, and maybe over time switching to meal that arent canned, has good calories and can feed more people. A few canned items are heavy and isnt going to go very far for your whole family but maybe MRE type foods would be better in terms of weight and less space more food. Unfortunately they are expensive usually.