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  1. My two favorite camping knives that I own are the zt military 0100 knife and the cold steel warcraft tanto knife. The knives I use the most though are the sog 2.0 access card which I keep in my wallet along with a thin three inch long fire rod, so that I always have a sharp knife and fire rod on me in my wallet. Then I also carry the spyderco manbug on my key ring and it comes in handy more then any of my knives.

  2. I just dug out my Dad's old fishing tackle box and guess what was inside… A Herter's knife very similar to yours!

  3. the first knife by antwone , can you show a link where i can buy 1 like it with the saw or spell the last name ,, ty vm,

  4. Solingen Germany (1st knife) is well known as a knife making mecca. There are many cutlery mfg's. located in Solingen (Hen and Rooster, Tree Brand, etc.), and they take great pride in producing quality blades. No doubt your knife will outlast us all!

  5. I will try to email you an old what I beileve to be old and hand made knife with a reg wood handle similar to the one you found in an antique store. I just found this knife at what I call the second hand ACE hardware – junk – everything store . I got it in a trade but only have in cash value about 3 or 4 dollars into it . It has an irregular curved back full tang blade and the steel is extremely smooth but has all different colors probably from the age and needing cleaned but I am not going to touch it as far as altering it . I will try to email you a picture of it . Thanks for all the info and God Bless