5 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Used By Military Buy Retail Nearby At 17:44

  1. yeah you can use it. its just kerosene that has been further refined to reduce soot.

  2. and as diesel is just a specific blend of kerosene… you can run a diesel engine with it as well. It might confuse an on-board computer, but it will run just fine. specifically stable in cold conditions over bio-diesel.

  3. Awesome deal! As far as the shelf life of kerosene goes, I can't tell you whats recommended but what I can tell you is I took out an OLD kerosene heater that had been in storage for at least 8 or 9 years untouched… it was still about half full of kerosene… it lit right up and burned with no issues at all!

  4. Good deal!!! You can also run diesel engines on this stuff if you really had to that is.