8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Used By Military How Can I Buy At 11:51

  1. It's good that you got out of the wind to do your review! Wow, that knife is so sharp! The sheath is like the Mora's. Great mod on the ferro-rod and spear by the way! throwing knives have heavy blades and light handles, just like that one, but you're right, it is a secondary survival knife or light-duty knife because it isn't a full-tang …the blade's steel stops right at the handle instead of going all the way through.
    Great review Arion!

  2. Nice job, I really like mine. The hole on the back of the sheath can hang on a clothing button also.

  3. Didn't we get past hollow handle survival knives in the 1980's ?
    Think I would prefer a Mora for the same price – the last cold steel I bought was BLUNT out of the box.

  4. Would it make a good cache blade do you think ? not to sure about the krupp steels rust resistance medium to long term