11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Used By Military Where Can One Shop At 6:43

  1. Wow- I just saw your contest tonight, got my video in at 2:09 AM but made the deadline (i hope).
    I subscribed and will attach my VR in a minute.

  2. Hope you like my items I suggest, chapstick and sunblock, extra wool socks, stocking hat (summer or winter you need this), and hot hands warmers.
    Also i am a new subscriber. How many entries do you have?

  3. hi i would love to take part.i am below the age of 16 but with my parents word i can enter.thanks!

  4. Dang too late… Funny thing is I have been watching your vids for over a week, and found this on someones elses VR.

  5. I know I'm late on this but I know 1 thing that can and will help out there n that bag u put together

    That would be a 2 way radio with battery's