12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight User Guide How Can I Buy At 0:17

  1. Another great video. Your day pack and multi day pack look great all the comforts of home. What is the size in liters of your large rucksack? Thank you for sharing.

  2. I really like the kits!
    Seems I finally found some bushcrafters who truly go out instead of gearcollectors 😉
    I think I would expand the medical kit though, especially with some tweezers, ointment for burns and bites and large bandage to seal any wound off.
    Has your kit changed over the years? Your more recent videos feature a hammock, so I guess that's an addendum 😉

  3. Another great video Sepp, very heart warming and reminding us of the true splendor of being outside enjoying nature. God Bless you and your family, from Florida, USA.

  4. A lot of redundancy. I am surprised you don't have a medium sized pot and a bar of soap. Washing the face with good cured water and soap can make a world of difference. That is preference, really. You have a really nice set up. Thank you for the video.