9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight User Guide How Can I Order At 7:40

  1. Thanks my friend!! Can be bought cheap on Amazon. If you see the VR's attached, BC truck has a 2000 mumen Ultrafire I beive it's aboyt 20 bucks. Mine was around 10 bucks… They are very well built!! Thanks Mark!!

  2. Nice find, I love a good bright light, Makes a guy feel better when you hear a bump in the night.

  3. Hey how you doing? Yes that light is very powerfull. thank amn for stopping by!

  4. Ah YES! Im going to show this to the hubby. Hope they have em at this price for a little while. Thanks!!

  5. they are on amazon! just click the link on the desciption box. there is a ultrafire 2000 lumen i just bought at 15 bucks plus frt. its twice as bright. Peace

  6. Hi Jana & Justin, Thanks this light is 1000 lumens and is fantastic! I just ordered the 2000 lumen one as I sa BCtrucks VR to my vid and was impressed with the 2000 Lumen. Don't get me wrong this 1000 lumen is so bright thats all I need but wanted to see what a 2000 lumen would do LOL. thank you for commenting and for stopping by! I just posted a garden update and I am fairly pleased with it's growth. Not as good as you'rs though LOL. Man you guys have an awesome Garden!! take care you two!!

  7. thx trace, i blew my lower back out yesterday,canned 14 quarts of salsa…had aback surgery about 6 years ago, hope i didn't ruin it…thank for viewing, it's a very good value and super bright, you can't go wrong buying this one!
    typing one handed yikes tough being in a spasm and hope this is just a temporary thing… take care