11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight User Guide Where To Buy At 17:40

  1. Yey. Budget Uk survival kit at last. Keep up the good work. Be aware that I heard the double lined metal bottles may explode if heated.

  2. Glucose / Dextrose is very useful and important in a kit aftrer my opinion. Help me lots of time .

  3. I love pound land lol i’ve got so much of this shit in my kit it’s brilliant you brake it you get another one lol nice vid bro

  4. I've reveiwed a camping knife from poundland https://youtu.be/jRt-ZYco28I please check it out and subscribe for more bargin outdoor content.

  5. I wish you had done an overnighter using the pound land kit. That would have been interesting.

  6. My pound and is trash, all I could get was stuff for my first aid kit, zip lock bags and a stainless steel cup.