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Dollar Tree store items to stockpile for prepping emergencies must have survival supplies Dollar Tree haul practical best tips for new preppers budget bug out
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been to the
Dollar Tree store and I wanted to share with
you suggestions for Dollar Tree prepping survival items to
stockpile cheap outdoor gear review whether you’re planning for
emergencies you’re a prepper or you want
to make sure you always have what you
here are my suggestions on things that I
like to stockpile when I go to the
Dollar Tree store these are items and that under
lots of situations you would need to
make sure that you could continue to
live the life that you have prepping is
lifestyle maintenance insurance so you want to
make sure you have the things you need
the first category of Dollar Tree items
for stockpiling would be fire starting
items make sure that you start with
cotton balls and Vaseline petroleum jelly they make the
easiest firestarter rub a cotton ball
with Vaseline petroleum jelly fluff it up and you can
start all kinds of fires with just those
two items fire starter test does petroleum jelly cotton ball really burn work start a fire test fire starter
then make sure you have matches lighters
and utility lighters these are all items
that you can find in single and multi
packs at the Dollar Tree store next go head
over to the candle aisle they have a lot
of different sizes and styles of candles at Dollar Tree so find
the candles that suit your emergency survival needs do you
want candles just for basic lights do you
want to use several of the small tea
light candles to heat something up to
eat decide what uses you have and choose
the candles according to your needs
because there is a huge variety one of
the suggestions I have is look for
candles that are scent free no scent candles especially
if you’re going to use them for cooking
you don’t want added aromas of flowers
and things to contaminate the foods that
you’re eating plus in some kind of
emergency situations you don’t want the
scent from candles maybe alerting
someone where you are plus people with
allergies just don’t necessarily care
for all of the aromas that people add
into the pure air look for cans of fancy
heat for an emergency cooking open the
can of fancy heat emergency cooking fuel light it with a match or lighter and
you have two hours of cooking fuel look
also for the little battery operated
candles those are safe to keep in your
car safe to use around children and are
a great addition to your emergency bug
out bag if you’re stockpiling canned
foods make sure you have can openers
the Dollar Tree store have several different kinds
check out the can openers that are most
comfortable for you to use then think
about basic hygiene
you want to have some bars of soap
different kinds of hand sanitizers and
antibacterial soaps maybe some baby
wipes make sure to grab a bottle of
bleach you can use bleach to
use it to sanitize or to purify water
just remember bleach has the shelf life
the bleach agent The chemical name for bleach is Sodium hypochlorite or NaClO in the water evaporates
and then after a year or two you end up
with just a bottle of water so make sure
you’re rotating your bleach look for
basic prepping survival emergency supply things like a little sewing kit in
hard times being able to maintain the
clothing that you have is more important
than ever
the little Dollar Tree sewing kits what is in the Dollar Tree sewing kits at
only $1 include a whole array selection variety of notions
threads and even a measuring tape scissors make
sure you have the basics of pens pencils sharpeners
and scissors if you’ve ever traveled to
places like Africa they never have
enough things like pens pencils scissors
and pencil sharpeners make sure you have
enough so that you aren’t going without
there’s an entire aisle of first-aid
supplies at dollar tree stores check it out if you have gaps
and needs in your first-aid supplies buy
some over-the-counter medicines things
like band-aids
ointments lotions all kinds of first aid supplies health things
stock up on first-aid supplies that meet
your family’s medical needs look for
simple tools clothespins one of the things that I
was buying today cable ties zip ties they are
extremely handy come in multiple sizes
and colors you can use them for all
kinds of tasks multi packs of batteries
be prepared in case your power or your
water is turned off stock up on some
paper plates some plastic spoons knives
and forks and make sure you always have
an extra bottle of dishwashing soap look
for Reynolds Wrap on a roll or the
pop-up foil sheets the Reynolds wrappers
foil sheets are perfect for making foil
packet meals prepping is lifestyle
insurance so you want to make sure that
you always have on hand the supplies
that you could not live without let me
know if there are some
things that are your favorites from the
Dollar Tree that you would like to see
in the stockpile survival prepping list
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AalaskaGranny channel

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Tactical Flashlight Walmart How Can We Purchase

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  1. I love that you point out, different scenerio, smells, scents, clean wipes & multiple uses.
    Your my kinda gal.
    Informative, & helpful.

  2. Don’t buy the can openers, buy something with better quality. And the battery operated candles do not light up enough to see your way around. Not sure what else they’d be good for. Every thing else is good. Totally loved the cotton ball/Vaseline tip.

  3. Get plastic bags, shower curtains too. Shower curtains make a great cover for you if you have to live outside. Great weather protector.

  4. Some Dollar Tree stuff is OK–NOT their can openers, however. They break after a couple of cans. Avoid them.

  5. I buy their sensitive brand toothpaste, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, wipes, food storage bags,bleach, bathroom cleaning spray. In the food Dept. I buy their baked beans, black olives, jam, cookies, candy. My $🌲 is close by and I depend on it for a lot of items.

  6. Stock up on the dry beans at Dollar Tree, with exception being kidney beans. DT only has 12 ozs instead of a full pound. Walmart is cheaper on that item.

  7. I tried the can openers at DT but they were terrible. I got a swingaway brand of hand can opener at Walmart.