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  1. Interesting. Looking at the info the HL30 now… Good god, I didn't realize when I looked at it before, but that little thing pushes 200 lumens on Turbo. I guess that would do some flooding 😀 Nice aesthetics too…

  2. It's a trade off. The 21 has over twice the throw but less flood. The 30 is twice as heavy, half the throw but probably 4x the flood. Want 4x the flood and twice the throw then get the HL25. Too many toys, not enough money.

  3. I have the same light. I have one really big complaint, every now and then it will not power on. I have too take the battery out and put the batt back in, the it will work again. Is there something I'm doing wrong with lighting modes or something? I also can't get it to do other lighting modes.

  4. Wow, that TK45 looks like a beast! What kind of applications are you running that on? Seems like you could have a serious party with 750+ lumens 🙂

  5. Zebralight High CRI(color rendering index) headlamps are the ones to have… The color matches natural sunlight and is far less of a "blue" light than other lamps. Lets face it, when you eyes become adjusted to natural light from a campfire those blue leds are a complete buzzkill.

    I also own a Fenix LD10 and LD20, and Zebralight lights are made to much higher level of quality than Fenix at a similar price point.

    Look into them and you will see what I mean. And check out candlepower fourms…

  6. I've gone CR123, but I still love the AA format, as the batteries are so cheap and abundant, you will never be left in the dark. Pair this headlamp with a Rayovac 2AA indestructible LED flashlight from home depot, which is a Fenix TK20 knockoff, but in cool white, and also a great thrower, waterproof, and tough as nails,.. all for about $15-! 🙂

  7. I have the Fenix HL21, and love it. A small, tough, light weight, waterproof (IPX8), headlamp with a long beam range of 93m (305 feet), and a flip-up diffuser. I highly recommend the HL21. I use mine for night time cross-country hiking in the Welsh mountains.

    If you can handle a bit more weight, lamps that take one 18650 battery such as the Xtar H3, or the Thrunite H10, offer impressive lumens, beam range, and battery life, but when small size and light weight are paramount, the Fenix HL21 is hard to beat.