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hi it’s AlaskaGranny alaska prepper there are a lot of decisions to be made
if you are a prepper including how to choose a survival knife
choosing a survival knife can be as complex as choosing a personal protection handgun weapon
there are certain guidelines to help you decide the features that are the most important to you in choosing a survival knife
a survival knife should be able to do
a lot of different tasks
you should be able to use your survival knife to pry to spear to hammer to open to saw things, and to prepare food
your survival knife that you choose should be the knife that is most useful on a day to day basis
the features that you should look for in choosing a survival knife include
choose a knife with a fixed blade the fixed blade should be about 4 to 6 inches long
it should have a full tang which means it is one solid piece of metal and includes a sturdy handle
your survival knife needs a sharp tip if you want to use it to pry pick and dig
it needs a reliable sheath so you are able to carry it safely

it should be stainless steel
top quality and long lasting
and will resist rust
the new knife that I choose is by Anza
it is made out of a file so it has a checkerboard it also has serrated sections
one of the problems with the checkerboard is
knives that are made out of a file they can collect moisture which can lead to rust
just like when you put a file away in your tool box without properly cleaning it
you come back and it is rusty
has rust on it
clean the blade before you put it away so you want to be more careful with your survival knife than you are with your simple tool of a file
before you put it away blow out the debris with a can of compressed air or gas duster
it will make sure that
all of the little checkerboards serrated sections are clean
especially if you are storing it away
you want to make sure a
that your survival knife
is up to the tasks at hand ‘
and that it lasts a long time
leave a comment below on the features that you look for
when you shop for choose a survival knife
and tips that you have to keep your knife in tip top shape condition
before you choose any knife for survival
or everyday carry situations
learn and check the knife laws where you live
they vary dramatically from between states and even cities within states
I spend time in Alaska and Arizona
which have the most liberal knife laws in the United States
but there are other places where you cannot carry any knife without it being a crime
so make sure that you check that before you decide to have something like this knife in your possession
if you are not in your own home
it is important to have the things that we need
so that we are prepared for an uncertain future
but we also want to
make sure that we do it as legally as possible
we don’t want to run into any problems
that cause us to have a catastrophe or an emergency situation for us l
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Tactical Flashlight Weapon Where Can One Order

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  1. Very nice knife…….mine is an oldie a WWll Marine Kabar I know that it cant do it all but its sentimental……..have a great Easter….my daughter and the twins are coming,,cant wait

  2. I'm partial to my Mora Companion. I do have other 'survival' knives but they are heavy and weight is an issue with me.

  3. I have several survival knives, but use my Schrade SCHF26 on my utility belt as my primary carry knife. The only thing which I don't like about it is it being made in China. I have the BK2, the Jurok, and also the Gerber Freeman Guide Folding knife as my backup in my pack. I have the Buck 110 folding knife, the Buck 119, and 120 fixed blades, one Japanese, and one German hunting knife which made in China.

  4. That knife is not worth the money. Also, there is a big difference in all of the stainless steel. There is a difference in formations aka points, steels, handles, tang, etc… This video is very wide but not depth in detail. Also, the knife length depends on the situation or task at hand. There is too much to comment and not enough space….