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So we are giving away a gun ya’ll. And if
you can’t have a gun wherever you’re at or
you don’t want one for whatever reason we
have lots of other prizes that we’re giving
away. So stay tuned. go ahead… striker what
indicator? Status. ok. I got me a Smith Field
tee hee. no Springfield. Ok Is it going? 3,2,1
Where do you want me to start? this does have
a loaded status indicator … no… Now lat
year we gave away a brand new Ruger Sr9C and
man that was a lot of fun. now we’ve gone
over 8 million views and we’ve got close to
30,000 subscribers and we really owe it all
to you guys. yes, we really appreciate all
of the comments, all of the views, all of
the likes and the shares. We really appreciate
it and now it’s time for us to give back.
So guys, this is gonna be a super easy contest
for you to get in on. you’re not gonna be
required to do a video response, how awesome
is that? You’re not gonna have to subscribe
to a whole bunch a different channels. This
is gonna be easy easy easy. So on with the
prizes. The grand prize is this Springfield
Armory XD9. Now this has already been safety
checked.and it’s not loaded. Both of us safety
checked it. So, this is the grand prize that
you get to choose from. It comes with 2 magazines,
a 13 round and a 16 round. And it also comes
with a Kydex holster from TacDaddy.com and
Forest City Tactical. Next. This is a fixed
blade knife with a paracord wrapped handle,
hand crafter by Chavez knives and it also
comes with a sheath, and this is actually
a neck knife, but it’s great for you know
you can throw it in your bug out bag, carry
it as your EDC, whatever. And next… Now
this is the Laserlyte uhh training system,
these are targets and this is a fake gun with
a little uh infrared beam you can actually
practice your shooting, uh practice your draw,
whatever you want to from the comfort of your
own home, you can do it in your underwear
if you want to, there’s no ya know real ammo
involved so it’s saves you a lot of money.
This is great. We’ve even got a video of Cindy
using this. One good thing about this is you
can use the little target system, the little
laser system and put it into your own handgun
to practice shooting as well. so it’s a really
good system. It’s awesome. yea. And this is
a sun visor holster for you to put in your
car and put your gun up on the sun visor obviously.
and this is a single strap shoulder holster,
it’s very comfortable to wear, it’s like velcor
you just put it right around you. And this
is a double shoulder strap shoulder holster
ha ha, yea this one’s a large so uh this is
for you know the bigger folks…ok? this are
very nice to have, they’re comfortable and
very uh ya know, it makes it easier to conceal
your weapon. This is a little folding knife
it has a wooden handle and it also comes with
this little case. Pretty cool. ah yea, now
this is another hand crafted knife from Bruce
at Nebulax123. This is a gorgeous handle,
look at that orange and red beautiful. now
this is a neck knife with the sheath here
or it also comes with a belt clip where you
can wear it on your belt obviously. And these
next 4 knives will actually also come with
tshirts and they are from Brous Blades. This
one is called the Silent Soldier. It comes
in black. This is a little neck knife. It
comes with a chain that you can wear it around
your neck. And it also has a belt clip to
wear it on your belt. We also have one that
is exactly like it it just comes in stainless
steel. This knife is actually called the Triple
Threat because of the different angles on
the blade. It also comes with a kydex sheath.
The next one is exactly the same except the
blades is a little bit different. It’s called
the Threat fixed blade. Also comes with a
kydex sheath. Here’s the tshirts they either
come in black or white. So like I said if
you win one of those 4 knives you also get
a tshirt. Awesome! There’s also 3 more prize
packages from TacDaddy.com and The Network.
The first is a Glock hat and a tactical flashlight.
The second is a magpul grip, a red dot scope,
and a 511 tactical belt. The third is a Skeeter
Beater paracord bracelet which is also an
insect repellant. Oh there’s so many prizes
I forgot one. There’s actually 4 prize packages
from TacDaddy.com and the Network. The 4th
is a Wise food package for all you preppers
out there. Now we went through the prizes
pretty quick but you can take a look at them
if you want to on ViewPrizes.info. Now we’re
going to put those links in the description
box below. And again, we’re not gonna make
you subscribe to all these different channels
but we would appreciate it if you’d just go
by and say hello umm to all these people that
took their time energy and money to contribute
these prizes to the contest. We’ll put those
links in the description box below as well.
Just let them know that we sent you. Here’s
how to enter to win in three easy steps. # 1
since this is a subscriber appreciation giveaway
you do have to be a subscriber to our channel.
So if you haven’t already subscribed do so
by clicking the subscribe button at the end
of this video. And # 2 just share this video…
It’s real easy to share this video. Move your
mouse to the share button and click on it.
And you can easily share to all of these right
now. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus lots of
other options or just copy and paste this
link directly to your Facebook or e-mail it
out. Share Share Share. We need your help!
Share this video. Share this video with as
many people as possible, because in order
for us to give away the gun, we have to have
150,000 views within 60 days. And # 3. In
the comments section of this video on You
Tube, you have to enter the phrase, “I shared.
I’m in” and that’s it. Feel free to make all
the other comments you like but your entry
must only contain that phrase. Other YouTubers
have expressed an interest in possibly contributing
other prizes to this giveaway. Feel free to
like us on Facebook as we’ll be posting any
updates there. We’ll put all of the pertinent
links in the description box below. Good luck
everybody! If ya’ll would like to take a real
good look at all of the prizes go to View

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Tactical Flashlight With Clip Buy Discount Price Online

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  1. I shared i'm in Thanks for all the hard work u guys put in to your vids there great and help 1st time youtubers and starter preppers like me keep up the great vids Ill keep watching thanks

  2. The video only has a little over 7000 views, does that mean they canceled it because they wanted 150000? I think they might have forgot they had the contest going? Or extended it?