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  1. The flex bladed knife is a excellent choice for deboning. It allows you to follow the curvature of the bone to get cleaner cuts. Good video thanks for sharing.

  2. Neophobia at Mora! Thanks for showing the "colour facelifting borings". Hopefully a full tang is coming up soon. But I`m afraid that they won´t change the punch maschines. LOL and Cheers from Germany Jörg PS: Is your phatfinder "repaired"?

  3. Mora's are great! The flex knife design is really intriguing, I didn't know that can do that with knives.

  4. That whole demo was pretty cool but that bendy knife really stands out. As does the chisel one. Thanks!

  5. I don't know what is the hype with "full tang" the blade will brake way before it separate from the handle.

  6. Great demo on Mora knives ,i wish they would do a real heavy duty military/ survival knife i think they would have a huge customer base.ATB Nobby

  7. so i live in sweden and i like some moras but some i just dont like cause some have broke and i really dont like that so im not a big fan of mora knives but if you are gonna use a knife for like working and beating it up like crap its gonna be a mora