11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight With Clip Buy Retail Nearby At 18:40

  1. I can’t believe his family would have sold off his personal kit! His AARP card!? That OLD knife he probably used for decades? I’d never sell anything of my dad’s. And we weren’t even that close! His knife? Never. Wow. A great kit, almost exactly what I carry or did years ago in Scouts.

  2. Did you see that leaf flutter next to your knee. He knows you have his kit. Sleep tight…

  3. I have watched this video at least 15 times now. For some reason I find it very comforting. It reminds me of my grandad. Thanks again, this is a great video!

  4. Always a treat to see what other guys carry. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cutting tool, cordage, combustion, cover, container for cooking/ boiling. This dude had the 5 C's of survival.