One thought to Tactical Flashlight With Clip Lowest Price Buy Here At 6:40

  1. I love my TN12 2014. I've carried it daily since November 2014, days away from 13 months. Before this I carried the Fenix PD22 for one year, before that the Streamlight Stylus Pro for 9 months. I love the TN12. Its a great light. The only thing I didn't like was the chrome clip. Apart from it standing out too much, it was way too tight on the light and on pants. When they came out with the 2016 model with the black clip I wrote Thrunite and they sent me a black clip, so I now have a black clip for my 2014 model and am very pleased. The clip is not quite as tight as the chrome one, so they fixed that issue with it. I may one day pick up the 2016 model, but don't see a real need to at this time.