9 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight With Laser Pointer Buy Retail Near Me At 8:42

  1. @Ghostsquatter1: Great review. I think it is great that someone is comparing quality and not just going by name recognition on these tools. I own several Coghlans strikers and have started dozens of fires with them. I happen to love the large, glowing sparks it puts off. I'm sure the LMF tools are great, but man…2x the cost just doesn't seem worth it…to me (just my opinion). Great vid.

  2. the couglans fire steel suck. It doesn't burn as hot or something. I had a hell of a time starting a dry piece of paper with it. Junk waste of $5.

  3. Interested in what you would recommend for a fire steel (how about a demonstration). I have worked with different products and would suggest that you need to enhance your knowledge and/or skills if you are having problems with the Couglans. To say that it is a junk waste of $5 dollars shows you are clearly missing something.

  4. Hey, that's a great improvised idea and I like it. I'm going to check out some old scissors for a striker.

  5. Thanks for the product review, Ghost. I've never used a Fero-Rod before, but I'm getting one to upgrade my EDC and practice using it. Yeah, I'm a newbie member of the Survival/Bushcraft YouTube community… and I really like your philosophical rants.

  6. I've been tempted to buy the blast match but, price and fail rate has convinced me to invest elswhere.

  7. I agree with you. I bought the COGHLANS and it works fine. the only problem is the ferro rod is only inserted about 1/4" into the handle and barely hot-glued into it. I epoxied mine into a stag antler crown.

  8. Epoxy is something that is a must have in my workshop. You make a good point , , , Yes, the less expensive ferro rods will sometimes have issues with the handles staying on the rods under pressure. That seems to be a common problem with some of the products that I have used.