10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight With Laser Pointer How To Shop At 19:38

  1. It is common practice to work with knife designers this way. Just about every CRKT knife is designed by others… as are many, many other manufacturers. Just the way its done for many. No biggie.

  2. David… Hola lad… Thanks for this video. You are Great in keeping your followers infiorm. Gracias. Vaya con Dios

  3. i would pay 200 bucks it just depends on the qality i have 2 sogs and there kives r expincive but good qality

  4. David you need to review that EDC knife and your videos are the best your my favorite
    channel 🙂

  5. I think 200 dollars is a bit much for the steel choice I would have prefered m390 s30v s35vn cpm3v damascus 0r s90v