Tactical Flashlight With Most Lumens Buy In Store Near Me

– These float, and are waterproof.
I don’t know if they’re
retrieverable though.
Charlie pup, Charlie pup, want this?
(gentle, melodic music)
It would help if I wasn’t
standing on the rope. (laughs)
Hey everyone!
Our power went out last weekend,
and it got me thinking about stuff
that you should have for your
power outages and emergencies.
So today I wanted to show you three things
that I think you should have
for your next snow or
power emergency, ready?
Okay, remove dog hair from black shirt.
So couple things, we’re
gonna talk about in order,
but, a flashlight, an
emergency radio and a headlamp.
This is what I use, we have a generator.
(generator roaring)
– It’s a portable generator,
and I don’t like to run it
constantly when the power is out.
Or if you don’t have a generator,
I think these things
will help you as well.
We always run the generator
and then we turn it off.
We heat up the house,
and then I don’t like having the thing on,
’cause it’s loud and it’s polluting,
so then we just wear headlamps.
And you can run around
the house with this thing.
These I just bought and I checked out,
I tested out this weekend,
they’re pretty amazing.
I’ll link below to purchase info,
but it’s got several different,
and then it has the blinky light
(Camera Operator laughs)
So this would be good
for riding your bike,
or if you’re fixing your car or something.
You want people to see you on the highway.
But, very bright, this blows away,
I have bought some other ones
at one of the home
improvement stores last year,
and they broke.
This is a Energizer, it’s a
name brand, so I trust that,
and it was highly rated
on some other sites.
So I got these.
– This is a lamp, a
headlamp I bought last year.
And, it just, yeah it still works,
well it gets on your head,
but the thing doesn’t turn on anymore,
and I was like, let’s spend some money
and get something decent,
’cause when the lights go
out, you need light, right?
– [Camera Operator] Right,
and you can just use that
as a fashion piece now, Eric.
– Yeah, or I could just throw it out.
– [Camera Operator] Yeah.
– We already have flashlights,
but I wanted something that
was kind of stumble-proof,
something that you could
drop in the water even,
and would work well, and
this is an LED flashlight,
(flashlight clicks)
– [Camera Operator] Wow.
– And it has a little hasp on it.
And it runs on three
double As, easy to replace.
Whoa, this just this comes off,
that pops out like that.
– [Camera Operator] So
you don’t have to keep
those giant C and D batteries, and A,
and A and A and A.
– Right.
And you could also use
recharger batteries on this.
We could talk about that later.
What kind of rechargeables I use,
I’ll link below in the show notes.
A big hint here is not to
cheap out on your batteries.
I buy name brand batteries,
and I think the two big named brands,
both have ten year warranties now.
I buy ’em at the wholesale shopping store.
you can buy a big bunch of ’em.
They’ll last ten years.
I don’t know about, it used to be
people would put them in
their freezer, their fridge.
I’m curious what you think about that.
I don’t do that.
I keep everything organized
in plastic zipper bags,
it makes it easier.
I also put the date of when
I bought the batteries.
But you use these for all sorts of stuff.
You’re always gonna need double
A and triple A batteries.
So buy a big package of ’em,
don’t cheap out and buy the junk ones,
’cause I found that those are the ones
that they kinda corrode and
blow up inside your headlamp,
and that’s a bad thing.
And then the kinda of the big one,
that I think is really important,
and I’ve shopped around a
long time to find a good one,
is a emergency radio that
also has a weather band on it.
This one will charge your cellphone,
it will charge the batteries in here,
and it also has AM and
FM and a weather band.
So right on the top has a solar panel,
and I just leave this in
the window during the week,
and it charges up nicely.
It also has a hand crank charger,
it’s called a Dynamo by
the way, for you guys.
(crank whirring)
Your cellphone will charge
through the Dynamo or the solar panel.
If you want the cellphone
to charge quickly,
you have to use the crank.
If you want it to do slowly,
you can use the solar panel.
Has a light up here.
(light clicking)
That’d be handy fixing a
car or working on something.
Antenna in the back, headphone jack,
and USB connections to charge your phone.
But let me show you
the weather radio part,
which I really like.
I just hit an on button.
(button clicks)
– [Camera Operator] How do we know
what station is the weather station?
– It has six,
is it six or seven?
Seven pre-set weather stations.
So you just tune it to the one
that comes in the best for you.
– [Announcer] Sunny,
cooler, with highest
in the upper fourties.
North wind’s around five miles an hour.
Monday night, mostly clear.
– Pretty good!
– [Camera Operator] That’s great!
– Anyway, and this was highly
rated as well on several sites
and had good comments online.
So I picked this one up.
Not cheap, but I think
definitely worth it.
I also like, design-wise, it
works well and you can just,
but the best part is, you
just put this in the sun,
and it charges.
– [Camera Operator] Right
by the kerosene lamps.
– [Eric] Yeah.
– [Camera Operator] Great
Christmas present Eric.
– ‘Cause of all else fails,
you can have a kerosene lamp too.
Perfect Christmas gift
for friends and family.
Again, I’ll link in the show notes,
of the specific model that I like and use.
This is waterproof, and it floats.
So let’s see if the
Labrador will retrieve it.
Charlie, Charlie!
(water splashing)
(gentle guitar music)
Charlie, ready?
Go get it!
(water splashes)
I just threw the rope out there too.
(Camera Operator laughs)
– It’s floating.
Go get it Charlie!
Get that!
Go on, get it!
Henry go get that!
Get it!
Get it!
Bring it in!
Good girl!
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
Good girl!
Bring me the flashlight.
(Camera Operator laughing)
Get the flashlight.
Bring it in!
Come on!
Come on!
Bring it here.
Right here.
Bring it here.
Come on get the flashlight.
(dog barking)
I can’t reach it.
Bring it here.
Right here.
Bring me the flashlight.
Right here!
I can’t…
(hands clapping)
Get it out of the water!
Good girl!
Good girl!
Good girl!
(ball splashes)
She wants me to throw the flashlight in.
Let’s see if it works.
(flashlight clicks)
That’s a success.
(water churning)
– [Camera Operator] So a Labrador
is part of my storm preparedness.
– [Eric] Yes. (laughs)
(water splashing)
(Camera Operator laughs)
– Now you wanna make sure that
they don’t chew your flashlight to death.
(leaves crunching)
It works,
and I have a new dog toy.
It’s a real expensive dog toy, but,
(dog barking)
does what it says.
(dog splashing)
All right, there you go!
What are your things, or three or six,
or however many things you
should have for a power outage?
All the items I talk about are
in the show notes below here,
just click the little down
arrow if it’s not showing.
And always good to hear from you guys.
Comments or questions below.
Make it a great day!
(dogs breathing)
(water gurgling)

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Tactical Flashlight With Most Lumens Buy In Store Near Me

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  1. I know its not mentioned in the video and I would recommend getting a solar panel with battery bank and lightstick from sunjack

  2. great video
    I have the jumper-cable battery box with a built-in inverter, works great to plug a normal lamp into and run the regular-style 13-watt CFL light bulbs. Lasts forever!!!

  3. A safe method I've come to rely on for home emergencies and camping are the small solar powered light/lanterns. One example are the Luci lights made by Mpowered. There are dozens of manufacturers now and they are relatively inexpensive, require no batteries, safe to store, and remove the risk of fire associated with candles or fuel burning lanterns. We have both battery and solar lighting on hand for emergencies. Thanks for the video.