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  1. All these survival kits ..one thing I bring no one does..weed , pipe , cigarettes..things to kill time and uplift your spirits ..nothing beats smoking a bowl of weed when shit hits the fan, or a cigarette to help you relax..easy addition plus it adds a lighter and a baggie and killing time is a number one thing when your stranded.. think about it..alcoholics would benefit from adding a flask ..it is not what you would think you need but try and deal with a full blown alcoholic during this type of situation . You would be glad to have something . Or a ice breaker if you met random people while stranded. Trade weed for help and or supplies .

  2. So my kit has an eighth of weed ,(35 bucks worth) and heart burn pills , headache pills. On top of emergency blanket , knife, flashlight , first aid kit , compass . Batteries pry bar, lock pic ( actual one not from china). USA made . Spare keys , paracord, leatherman . Must have a leatherman ..not any other brand. They all suck balls..

  3. where is your knive sheath ? youre blade is going to get dull , you might have to resharpen it before even starting to get into survival mode, if anything turn bad in your canoe trip . btw i love your idea, its really well put together, i might make one, thanks man !

  4. I have a canvas Waist Bag used as EDC, it be use in a water enviroment becouse every thing inside are waterproof (as botles) or be incide zip look bags, of course that chlorine tablets was changed by liquid chlorine (have more quantity), pasteboard was substituted by plastic cards (paper is destroyed by water), and ESEE IZULA knife has a Sheath with necklace.

    You may see that my pack is more compact and lightweight. So on, you get my idea.

  5. For the fishing line in my survival kit I use sewing machine spools. I carry my survival kit in a fanny pack that's always on me even when canoeing. The box is water proof but rather big indeed. Also not metal so you can boil water or make char cloth in it.
    I also use this transparant tape for my fishing hooks. I would add some zip ties to it.
    But a good review.

  6. Really like the kit. A couple of suggestions: Add some moleskin. If you are dumped out and you need to hike out, you may develop blisters on your feet. It will keep you going. If space allows, I'd add a couple of glucose tabs (from diabetic aisle in pharmacy) for energy, or some hard candy in a small ziplock bag. If you repack it and find that you have more extra space, I'd add a piece of beef jerky in a vacuum packed wrapper for protein. Should last a year or so.

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  8. I’m carring my Esee Isula hanging at my neck, and its color is orenge, because gree or blue could be mised in the gras sor water.

    And instead off Zip-lock sandwich bag, I get air ballons with a bottle neck taked from a liquid soap cardboard container (somebody uses greater bottle neck soda containers).

    More about: Instead off cardboard to sep fishing backline, is better use a reel from sewing machine (avalaible in metal or plastic).

    Finally but very important: you must add a small sharpening stone, because a knife without sharp edge, is as a hammer without hammer head.

  9. That is very good set up for the kayaking scenerio. If I can I will add some glow stick to make myself visible for rescuers in the dark. Whistle. Diamond sharpener. I'm using 3'x1' plate from china that costs £0.50. paper coffe filter. Fat wood or more rubber bands to make the first fire going easier. I think bright duck type will be better choice in emergency situation.

  10. Personally I think you should design your box with a built in straw integrated into the box then replace the plastic zip lock bag with purification tablets so your able to use the whole box as a water box instead of a flimsy ziplock bag

  11. After you get to shore and got your self together. Should you wait for help? Or follow the canue and equipment? Or head back to the starting place?