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  1. I keep a solar powered power bank for my phone can charge 2 devices at a time and its really good

  2. Good material overall. I'm trying to see the relationship between EDC, Get Home Bag, bug-in or hunker down kit, and Bug Out-SHTF-run for the hills bag, and the abandoned ship- not ever coming home-inch bag. Folding knife and bic lighter for EDC, wouldn't need it in get home because you still have EDC. Tarp might be good for Get Home Bag or bug out. Tent probably good good for Get Me Home, but too time consuming for bug out, SHTF where the goal is as much distance as possible. I would think toss tent completely so you have it in Get Me Home already, don’t need to pack it for Bug Out, because you already have it. I'm looking for the relationship between them???

  3. You'd seriously go to a Red Cross camp in the event of a catastrophe???? If Katrina taught us anything, it's that we should stay away from FEMA or Red Cross type camps. The Superdome taught my family that we need to stay as far away from refugee camps as possible. Our bug out plan does not include any camps.

  4. you should find and have evacuation details for emergencies in your area detailed to get you safely around and away from road closures bridges out city and highway maps that you hi-light route information good mile markers share your plans keep plans in your family circle so you don't get hijacked in an evacuation have safe meeting places and pass words for phone calls be safe even kids need a sleep overnight with pajamas and change of cloths flashlight or head lamp and sleeping bag and room for sack lunch and water ID.

  5. Make sure you have a backup for like your computer have insurance policy house life car and contacts on flash drive and cloud and save your computer information.

  6. I would like to recommend an item I keep in every single pack out kit… a slingshot… Ammo is (literally) all around, takes little practice to master, and is great for hunting small (even medium) size game silently …and (if pushed) can be used for defense situations

  7. It SHOULD go without saying, but extra glasses or contacts if you wear them. Also, SHOULD go with saying, if the doctors have you on meds, blood pressure, stress, heart meds, bring 5-6 months supply. FYI sometimes doctors will not prescribe that much. Be on good behavior and explain why. Many times they are afraid of black marketing. Another option I'd find alternatives (don't be afraid of natural alternatives.) if Dr. won't prescribe them.

  8. I agree with the basic advice and premise here, but the most important thing is that you blend in. Having a camo bag and Shemagh like he has is completely stupid in an urban environment and guaranteed to get you tackled by a mob. It is really important have to have the basics you need, but appear like an inconspicuous hobo. Half the stuff here is C*** you should never get.

    Here is what I have: A full metal single walled water container & small metal cup, 2x smart water bottle with a sports cap, sawyer squeeze, 2 heavy contractor trash bags, 25ft para-cord, small tarp, med kit, flashlight & headlamp and a spare battery or two, rechargeable battery supply with a cable, swiss army knife & sharpener, compass, and map, light grey wind breaker, socks, t-shirt, knit hat, food and water in an old worn and cheap backpack. Your bag should be 10-15 pounds or less, you should know self defense, and you should be in great shape to where you can walk 10-20 miles a day without a problem. Carrying a higher capacity glock 9mm with a spare magazine is a good idea too depending on your state and situation if you know how to use it. You should also go on a number of backpacking trips so you get a feel for what the basics are and what you need. Lighter is better.