11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight With Pressure Switch How Can One Buy At 3:46

  1. /SIGH/

    Actual content begins at 2:00… That's two minutes of my life I never wanted to waste on your inane bullshit and will never get back. Nobody here cares about your life. But thanks for the ideas!

  2. Family video has a good survival resource. They bought a thousand copies of my movie which is considered one of the best urban survival diy videos of all time by me. I demonstrate all the tips , tricks, techniques and strategies to survive a zombie horde bare handed! They are probably sold out by now. My mom bought a copy at the Paris, Texas FV for two dollars. The movie is called My Bloody Wedding.

  3. Harbor Freight has some good stuff and they have junk. You just have to use common sense and your brain to know the difference. Their power tools (drills, grinders, etc.) are junk. The impact sockets and accessories aren't bad.

  4. I just went there last night. Got a small bottle of Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, a tarp. A moving blanket, a ball peen hammer and a few other things for my vehicle bug out/get home kit. Iā€™m always adding to it. Pry bars, bolt cutters, tin snips, etc……