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Every Day Carry
You know, I guess it wasn’t until I started watching YouTube videos that I even realized
that I have an Every Day Carry.
I just had junk that I carried with me all the time.
Things that I’m absolutely never without…
I’ll say first off,
where I work,
that’s not allowed.
So, the items you see here
are on my body
at all times.
First, my Boker knife – not sure if you can see that there…
a little thin wallet.
Keys… two car keys
I use the garage door opener in the car to get in the house
this is a uh…
from aimkon.com
great little flashlight. I actually have a lithium battery in it.
So it puts out a
huge huge beam
for a little bitty
triple-a sized flashlight
and fold-flat nail clippers.
My watch is a
probably not going to build focus on
is a Vostok
This watch was designed in Russia for the Russian submariners.
great watch
for an automatic, it keeps really good time
On it is approximately six-and-a-half to seven
feet of paracord
in the band.
So I always have some cordage on me.
And then finally,
a little eye glasses bag.
i keep this you – know between the phone,
everything else
you need to clean fingerprints off of things.
Inside that I keep one of the Ronson lighters.
$3.50 at Walmart.
It does the jet flame.
You don’t have to worry about it leaking.
And it’s a little bit nicer than carrying around a Bic.
I also carry
another swiss army knife
It’s a little bit larger and has a few more tools on it.
And finally,
this is a Zebra
little cheap
collapsible pian
push it out
and get a full sized writing instrument
It’s always nice to have something to write with.
Of course I almost forgot
in addition of this
also have with me at all times the iPhone 5
I can’t show that to you though, because
as a
brand-new YouTuber
that my primary camera
Also in my pocket, rides
my iPhone 5.
Aside from these items that are on my person,
I have a pack that goes with me to work.
It goes with me in my car.
I don’t generally take it in places, but
it’s just a small pack
a little backpack
kind of an extended everyday carry
I’ll probably make a video on that some time and
talk about what all I carry in my extended pack.
I’ve got comms
on the side.
First Aid Kit
several different things that I use on an
almost daily basis
And then, when I’m not at work,
I carry my KelTec PF9.
And this is actually in a holster
I made. I didn’t like any of the Kydex holsters out there. I wanted something in the
and I still wanted it to be tuckable.
So, I designed this.
It’s kind of
based on other things I like on
other holsters
that I saw on the internet
and a couple that I had tried out.
The retention is really good. It’s hard to take it out.
KelTec PF9
It has been safety checked off camera
you see my
one that is normally in the chamber
laying there
i know people hate on KelTecs
but I’m on a budget,
It’s a nice little pistol
I’ve enjoyed it.
I haven’t had any issues with it.
but like I say that
that goes on as soon as I get home from
uh… I’m not able to carry that at work
with me
due to
restrictions at work
Anyway, that’s my EDC.
What am I lacking? What do I need?
Give me your thoughts.
Leave your comments in the box
As always, thank you for watching.

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  1. Thanks, man! It's been great, and for the price, you can't beat them! I made the band from paracord. Not really into wearing the braclets, but wanted to keep some on me!