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Richard from At home in the wild

US Army issue Woodland Camo poncho

roughly 180cm x 150cm

If using it as a waterproof, carry 2, so one can be a shelter!

around the size of a soda drink can

This is a copy of the US Army Poncho liner.
It’s a very thin quilt rated around 1/2 season in warmth.

This is the “Tropical Quilt” it was made by “Nomad Medical Limited”

It’s black one side dark blue the other.

Good as a cosy blanket for kids on car journeys.

Called “Paracord” because it’s the same as the cord used on parachutes.
called “550 cord” in the US it is the breaking strain in lbs!

I’ve tried many ways over the years and this seems best.
approx 20 cm

My only magic trick!

It’s just a line or slip knots
The same can be done with ropes.

about 7 m / 22ft (x2)

Current USAF camo

I once used superglue to fix ripped trousers up a mountain in the Lake District (UK)

various button sizes and rucksack clips buckles etc

The kit came with 4 USAF Buttons all the same size

Duck or Duct tape, just stuck on waxed paper.

the seam or stitching comes undone

Maglite AA
this torch is around 15 years old and works fine!

you can now buy Maglites that already have LEDs
bulbs did break!

Tritrium keyring or Glo-ring an earlier version was the Beta light.

Tritrium also found in some compasses and SUSAT type Rifle sights.

it’s well over 10 years

You can just about read a map with it.

good for finding spare AA batteries
There are many Maglite accesories like filters, holders etc.
Waterproof “Rite in the rain” notepad size A6.

Most people that have seen it think I should publish it!
much of the info is copied word for word, or photocopied from books.

It would be a copyrite nightmare!
Every page is laminated assuming it will get wet.

The face is copied directly from an RAF survival book.

snow on a 30 degree angle is an avalanche risk
45 degrees is a good angle for shelter roofs
Things like my average pace length
and how to estimate travel times on mountains.

My survival tool kit

It has 2 brightness settings and flashing

Niteize.co.uk has a selection

Suunto Comet Micro Compass & Keyring
Mine is 15+ years old!
it also has a thermometer and windchill chart on the back.

Ture utility Laserlite LED

100 meters or so
I added the cord.

Lifeventure whistle

Plastic will not stick!

Highlander 3 In 1 Can Opener
US army p38 or British Army ration tin opener

For glass drink bottles
smaller than a tea spoon

it is a pink shoe lace

Coghlan’s survival, signal mirror
it has an aiming hole and instructions

Turboflame VFlame

with a yellow shoelace

ferrocerium rod
also known as a flint

Rolson, 2pc Mini Folding Knife
That was a plastic blade cover

The knives are sold in pairs with a box of spare blades

The lock feature shields the blade when not in use.

12-in-1 Multi Tool Pen
are you ready?….it contains:
a hole punch, a small nail remover
an ear pick (don’t ask me)
mini flat and philips screwdriver
3 long and 3 short craft knife blades
2 saw blades and a nail file
tweezers and a working pen!

Tinder card
I usually have pieces if rubber which also help

totally homemade to my own specs

This kit is just cutting tool related
Gerber Multi-tool
Saber saw
Based on a chainsaw blade

ceramic rod, for honing knife blades.

Rolson Diamond Sharpening Pen
around £4 or $5
“D” shaped
On the Gerber Multi-tool.

It’s very cheap and nasty.

Was from a discarded electrical device

you could do the same with a leather belt

The white cord on the edge is luminous

Camouflaged kit is a BAD idea!

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Tactical Flashlight With Usb Charging Buy At Best Price