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hey guys this is kevin oselo with field craft
survival a common question that i always receive
is if i’m a hunter and i get lost i get turned
around i get injured and i have to spend the night
how do i spend the night in the great
outdoors without dying let’s face it
in this environment it’s very very easy
to get intimidated by your surroundings
especially when the snow is falling and when
there’s a fresh coating of powder it sounds
amplified very very easily so what we’re going
to do is we’re going to take a look at the steps
you should take if you had to spend an unexpected
night out uh i nicknamed it or my buddy told
me i should nickname it the uno right the
unexpected night out it’s very simple to do
you just have to keep a clear head and you’ll be
able to get through the night without an issue
all right guys so let’s talk about the
appropriate steps you should take if you decide to
take an unexpected night out in the woods away
from home the first thing you should do is have
an established stop time right it’s very very
easy to just keep going and going and going run
your flashlight it’s very easy to tell yourself
hey i’m not lost super easy to tell yourself
uh not an issue but in reality what you should
do is tell yourself i need to slow down i need
to think about just spending the night
and everything’s gonna be all right okay
so now in an area like this i know it’s kind of
hard to see but everything starts looking like
everything else the only thing that’s standing out
to me right here is this larger tree which will
make a suitable shelter when it comes to making a
shelter in the great outdoors you only really need
to think about three elements in terms of having
proper components something to sleep inside of
something to sleep on top of and something
to sleep underneath now if you have selected
your hunting clothing appropriately then you’re
already in what you’re gonna spend the night in
trust me uh and you probably know this already
if you’ve been sitting in your deer stand or
if you’ve been walking around in the woods and
your clothing has kept you warm it’ll keep you
warm throughout the night maybe with a couple
refinements that you might carry in your pack
but you already have part of your shelter on your
body so you should always make it a point not to
leave your house unless you have clothes that
you can spend the night in the next thing is
finding a shelter like this one something
that maybe the snow cover on the ground
isn’t as thick underneath it as it is around
it and this will be what you’re going to sleep
underneath the last thing that you have to worry
about is what you’re going to sleep on top of
in the winter time or in any cold weather
the ground is going to win that battle when
it comes to taking heat away from you you’re not
going to heat it up it’s going to cool you down
it’s very easy just to sleep on top of
your backpack put it down sit on top of it
but something that i found that’s very
useful is just carrying a garden pad
that gardeners kneel on in the garden as a
seat pad and then i can use my bag to either
keep my feet warm or i can use my bag as a back
rest and just spend the night up against a tree
okay so i’ve set up my temporary shelter
and that’s how i have to think about it very
temporary i’ve got my gardener’s pad which is a
very inexpensive investment that i picked up from
home depot or lowe’s that’s what i’m sitting on
right now i’m sitting cross-legged right here if
my legs get cold i can always take my backpack and
put them underneath my legs get myself up off the
ground a little bit more i’ve got a heavy-duty
sportsman’s blanket just to keep the moisture
off my back now if i’m wearing wool chances are if
my wool starts to take on a little bit of moisture
and it’s really howling through here really
really cold that moisture is going to freeze to
the outside actually forming an ice crust the wool
will continue to keep me warm and believe it or
not that ice crust will actually block the wind so
i’m okay with a little bit of moisture inside of
the shelter i’ve got something that i’m sleeping
inside of i’ve got something that i’m sleeping
underneath and i’ve got my seat pad that i’m
sleeping on top of let’s face it we don’t
expect to get a lot of sleep on a night like
this we just have to survive until we see the
day break until we see the morning that’s all
it takes now something that is going to come up
is your mind at some point in the night you may
find yourself battling with yourself you may
find yourself dealing with the thoughts that are
running through your mind it’s totally fine right
we’re human beings we’re thinking creatures when
it’s dark outside our eyes aren’t going to work
as efficiently and our ears are going to take
over right our ears are going to compensate for
what we can’t see uh even though we’re filming
this and i’ve got my headlamp on and i’ve got a
flashlight so you guys can see what’s going on i’m
gonna try to conserve my light as much as possible
and only use it when i need to i’m also going
to do whatever i can to remember my worth and
remember why i need to make it out in the morning
right if i’m a husband if i’m a brother if i’m a
best friend if i’m an uncle i want to remember
all the people that will be upset at me for not
getting back to them if i don’t make it through
the night so that little bit of morale boost
might help me push through a little bit of the
chill factor and get through until that sun rises
something else that’s very helpful and for you
western hunters this is absolutely applicable is
having the means of creating some sort of heat
with a stove i can use a simple stove to create
what i need for a morale booster and
something very very simple hot beverages
right something very simple is a quick meal
these freeze-dried meals even though you
may not plan on spending you know multiple
days out in the backcountry it doesn’t hurt
to have a couple of these or even just one of them
in your backpack for that unexpected night out
in the great outdoors and in survival situations
it’s all about building up little victories right
positive mental attitude and if i can control as
many factors as possible in this unexpected night
out then i’m gonna make it through the night if
i can get out of the wind i’ve just defeated the
wind if i can get up off the ground and off of the
coldness of it i just won again if i can put hot
food in my belly i won again and how many hours
is it that i really have to stay here until i can
see the tracks i can probably collect my bearings
so i’m gonna do little tasks throughout the night
build up that morale build up those victories and
in the morning i’ll be able to get out of here
and deciding what type of survival shelter you’re
going to use for the night you have to realize
there are only four types of shelters and those
four shelters can be broken up into open shelters
right where it’s essentially this scenario
where i don’t have walls around me even nylon
tent walls around me it’s an open shelter that’s
the open shelter without a fire that is probably
the coldest night you’re going to experience
but it is survivable with the right clothing
i can have an open shelter like this
one with a campfire in front of me
now depending where you are you may have camp
fire wood resources or you may not which is
why you want to carry a small backpacking
stove because you can use that to heat water
i can take my metal canteen heat up water and
tuck it next to me and hold on to it for the night
or i can simply uh use it to heat up
meals and put the hot food in my belly
a closed shelter would be like a backpacking tent
right clothes shelter without a flame not a bad
option but you need something like a sleeping
bag in order to warm it up to keep yourself warm
through the night the best option is one that
most people aren’t going to carry but it is an
option still and that is a closed shelter with a
fire if you think of the ultralight backpacking
tents that have collapsible stoves uh kefaru makes
one i like using the sawtooth it’s going to raise
the inside temperature of that tent 50 to 60
degrees when the outside could be below zero
it’s really the best option for long-term hunting
to dry out the loft that’s inside your clothing
but given this scenario i’m going to work with
what i have and that’s simply something to sit
on the clothes that i’m wearing and a tarp that
i can tuck over my head now if i don’t have a
tarp something that you may want to carry are
contractor cleanup bags big 55-gallon drum bags
i could literally put that entire bag over my
head cut a slit from my face so i could breathe
out of it and do all of my work inside of this
area another option to carry something very very
lightweight are these emergency blankets
this is actually an emergency bivvy sack
and this is the two-person one now i’ve slept in
both the one person and the two person and i’ll
tell you the one person is tight the two person is
roomy and there are those that will say well you
have to heat up all that extra space with the two
person bibi sack well i’ll put it to you this way
there is really not that much more space in
the two person and just for my own sanity
i want the ability to move my arms around so i
don’t feel like i’m trapped inside of a cocoon
so this is yet another good option that i can pull
up around my entire body just make sure that you
have something covering your head and you’ll make
it through the night without issue
all right guys
this is where this video started earlier
and i will tell you that now that the sun
is on the horizon it’s a lot easier to collect my
bearings um i knew just by looking at my my watch
and referring back to my sunrise chart how long
how many hours i’d have to make through right
and it’s something that i can i can play in my
head right only two hours left only one hour left
that type of thing when it comes to surviving
the night it’s not an entire day it’s literally
just until the sun rises and when the sun rises
i can now see more than i could the night before
i can now with less snow coming down too i could
actually see that that’s the direction that i came
and i can see on the horizon some of the catch
points and some of the terrain features that i
can associate with my map and find my way out
of here every year hunters get lost every year
hunters get injured every year there’s going to
be some type of scenario where a hunter is going
to have to spend an unexpected night out and
by the way this is not just for hunters this
is for backpackers and this is for the day
hiker make it a point to leave your house
with what you need to spend an unexpected night
out it’s not a matter of if it will happen to you
when you do this long enough it’s a matter of when
it will happen to you and like i said it could be
for something very very simple as getting turned
around on a trail it could be for something very
dramatic as as getting injured be prepared
for that scenario right it’s just spending
the night but with the right preparation and the
right training you’ll be able to get through it

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  1. Well done. This basics in this video are the most important things to remember. One thing I’ve always kept in my day pack is a paperback book. It provides three things: Reading material to pass the time, fire starter and, if needed, toilet paper.

  2. Always carry a small tarp and poncho liner (woobie) and small fire starting kit in your day pack and your good

  3. Literally just talked with my 5 and 8 year old last week about exepting the reality if you are turned around and stop wandering. Hunker down and spend the night. Ill be showing them this video. Good work.