4 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight With Usb Charging How To Buy At 19:49

  1. Your forgetting a good lockpic set. You can buy them cheap online. Thanks for sharing and i see a few things I've forgot.

  2. Nice wristband/watch thingy?? Nice and shiny to give away your position and make you look hard-core flash Gordon. All new unused or damn right heavy. First aid kit? What for chapped lips, seriously this bag could be 50× lighter more civilian "grey man" blend, and far less (trunk of junk) holy shit bro! Id love to help you because I like YOU just not your choices. If you follow my point you'll know it's not trolling, simply my opinion. Your a great guy brother and on the right note just not best prepared. I know this vid is old but it circulates around year after year. Too many guns too. You CANT carry all these toys. Cache yeah but compromised and fleeing town…. now it's a worthless hord!