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  1. you obviusly dont know what u are talking about because you would know that the "flint" is not flint.flint is a rock.that flint is ferrocerium.also known as a ferro rod or "firesteel"

  2. There are over 20 fire starting methods. Essential to your survival that you learn 5 or more.

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  6. Well then, thanks for proving me right I guess! (about not believing me) Btw: I'm still serving, and I don't give a fuck about what you or anyone else might think about me using internet abbreviations, I'm not 50 years old you see. Btw.: I didn't come here to be an asshole, I clicked the video because it seemed interesting, but it disappointed me, (although not COMPLETELY), and so I reacted to that. This is YouTube, live with it.

  7. The "Swiss" (Swedish) firesteel can be just as contained as the blast-match if you put it against the ground and slowly strike with the striker at an 45 degree angle 🙂

  8. Listen, if you would listen to the people who watch your videos and they have comments that you don't like. Deal with it, make improvements, and stop acting like a 4 year old who got his feelings hurt.

  9. For the record, you can't replace the firesteel on the Tool Logic cards. The company told me that it would just be considered a consumable product and I'd have to buy a new card.