10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight X300 Where Can One Purchase At 1:43

  1. Brian,
    Thanks for the great videos. I enjoy all the info you have on outdoor life. Can you review some more cook kits of this type?

  2. Amazing bit of kit and a good review, thanks Brian. I had a wire coat hanger that i abused for the bottle and another bit for the cup (had to drill 2 small holes at top of cup). Have seen people grill steak and chicken on the stove, and the bag can be made stronger by inserting an old trouser leg cut off and some man-stitching, lol.

    I don't mind Dave getting some cash for this, it's a bit of kit that will last and the man uses it himself. As for people complaining about qualitiy, i can only think it has been abused, as mine has lasted a year and still all slides into each other, still doesn't leak etc. It may sound expensive, but if you only have to buy one-it's a bargin @;-) Thanks Brian.

  3. will the pathfinder canteen set fit the USGI MOLLE II canteen carrier?? I'm pretty sure it won't fit the ALICE style canteen carrier.

  4. Brian at 74 years old I don't think I'll ever catch up on all the video's of the few people I've decided to follow they all must make since like you .

  5. A great piece of kit. Drill a couple of small holes in the lid, or else it will explode when boiling water.

  6. Good video Brian. I ordered my canteen cook set from SMKW and it included the lid also. $49.99. Have a great day my friend.Thanks Tennessee

  7. First and foremost. Do not display and emblem you didn't earn.
    Next.. Presentation.
    Beyond that. Weather doesn't bother us when we instruct.