15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Xml-t6 Lowest Price For CBD At 9:46

  1. it work make a good car work light and if your vehicle had a usb port I guess you could charge it to.

  2. Interesting multitasking light/battery. Speaking of lights, have you seen the Luci Light by MPOWERD? It is an inflatable, solar powered LED lantern. Saw it at EMS and thought it was cool. Light weight and no batteries. May be an interesting item for you to review sometime.

  3. Check out a Krill light. They are about the size of chem light and put out about the same amount of light. The Army uses them. There tough and uses on AA battery that last about 40 hours straight.

  4. Pretty sweet light stick. Impressive time on the lowest setting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks Luke. atb

  5. Hi there. You got this product for free to test it out and advertise it? Looks pretty unhandy for me to carry it outdoors but nice light to have around at home when power supply is down for some reason. Greets

  6. only thing it needs is something to clip carbiners or some paracord to so you could hang it on your chest our front of a boat or anything besides having to hold it with your hand the whole time

  7. I'd like the review to say if the number of hours that we could use the lamp decreases after charging a phone.

  8. Love this light it is durable and waterproof it charges my cellphone and what ever needs to be charged the light is very bright the only problem I see Luke is the screw off cap you charge say a cellphone and ore on the move I lost the cap. Maybe is the hat a place like on the other end to screw the cap to would be a great add on. Thanks like great job on the video