Tactical Flashlight Xml-t6 Where Can I Order

november december everyone’s all like
let it snow let it snow let it snow
after the winter winds the holidays are
all make it stop make it stop make it
look at one of the stars of Ice Road
Truckers no one really enjoys driving an
arctic conditions here are some
suggestions to help you keep on truckin
this winter
first remember that tires lose 122
pounds per square inch or psi of
pressure for every 10 degrees the
temperature change so it’s not uncommon
to come out on a cold morning to find
your tire pressure warning light on this
happens make sure you have a tire
pressure gauge an air compressor can be
nice to in case you get stranded in a
place where you can’t get air down that
path shovel case you get stuck in the
snow that’s still not enough to get you
here’s where winter emergency kits going
to come in handy you want at least a
flashlight with extra batteries a heavy
wool blanket so these face blankets will
do in a pinch
small set of tools or at least a
multi-tool like this one here max and
water make sure you change these out
periodically jumper cables a first aid
kit and a smartphone charger stuff for a
long time and running the engine to stay
be sure to get out every once in awhile
and check to make sure nothing like snow
is blocking your tailpipe carbon
monoxide can work its way into the cabin
and that could be lethal
stock up on these supplies occur in the
car and with any luck you’ll never need
them that sold sold

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Tactical Flashlight Xml-t6 Where Can I Order

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  1. THE BAREST of prep.. My minimum,20 lbs rock salt,6 shingles, 60 ft tow strap, 1/2 come along, shovel, 1 quart candle, 6 mre, candy, cell phone battery, thick blanket, 4 space blankets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, 2 gallons drinking water, gloves , and road tools. Canada baby!

  2. Nice tips, Cars.com!

    I think it’s so very important to have an emergency kit that has everything in it. First aid, food, batteries, blankets, entertainment for the kids, power sources for your devices AND a cell phone signal booster. I just can’t imagine not having one around during when the power is up and towers are functioning. To lose the signal can be dangerous and devastating. I found a nice one at SignalBooster.com.