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Alright guys welcome back. In this video
we talk a little bit about being
prepared. Now recently we had a ice storm in our area and that left me and my wife
without power for about four days. And
that got me thinking about things that
you might get together to get you
through that time. I’m not talking about like
a months-long power outage im just talking about temporary, two, three, maybe four
days without power. These are just a few
things you may need to prepare for that
temporary a power outage. Of course I’m
definitely going to recommend that you
try to reach a higher level of
preparedness ideally when you reach a
certain level you really want to be able
to sustain yourself for a week, a month
maybe even longer. Now for power outage obviously what you’d really like to have
is a generator or even better a solar
generator. let’s dig in here and see what
i got for you guys. The first I’m gonna
recommend is a good propane heater like
this Mr Heater I hear. I love this thing, I’ve
had it for a little while now and it comes
in handy a lot. If your powers that obviously your air conditioner runs on electricity
so you’re not gonna be able to heat or cool your house and especially in a situation
like we had with an ice storm, its really
cold outside
you need a way to get some heat. Next thing I want to think about is a good propane
stove like this Coleman here, you
want to get something is pretty good
quality. The first one I bought was an Ozark Trail which is very similar to this one but
the quality is not near as good as this Coleman. If your power is out, most things you have
in the kitchen that you use to cook
everyday aren’t gonna work for you so it’s
nice to have a good propane option like
this here. Now both of these items are going to
run on these little one pound
Coleman propane tanks. So its good to stock up on those, at least make sure you get enough
to get you to a few days. Next thing is
your food and water. Since you’re
potentially gonna have to cook on this
propane stove, you wanna get foods that
are really easy to prepare like canned foods
or instant mashed potatoes that only need water to prepare. Another thing is your
refrigerator is not going to work, so if you’ve got those nice thick rib eye steaks
in your refrigerator that you were planning on cooking next week, if you don’t go ahead
do something about that they’re going to
bad, so go get you a bag of charcoal, another
good option to cook the food that you have without having to use electricity. Make sure you
have plenty of drinking water to get you
through a few days. The other thing you wanna think about this filling
up your bathtub with water, maybe the sink, maybe a couple buckets that way
you’ll have water to bathe with, fill the back of your toilet so you can keep that flushed.
And another really good option to store
drinking water in your bathtub is a
Waterbob, ill roll in a picture of one of
those for you, that’s a really cool item that
you might want to think about having. Now if your power is out you are not gonna have any light so
you want to make sure you have plenty of
flashlights around house. If you don’t have
any go pick up some like these, these are just the $1 flashlights at Walmart and they’re actually
pretty decent flashlights for the money.
Going right along with the flashlights, you wanna make
sure you have a couple good lanterns,
keep the whole room lit up you know that
way you keep your morale up around the
house, place and card games with the
family, maybe even tell a few ghost stories. But you definitely can’t overlook the
need to have a good light source. You wanna make sure you have plenty of batteries
this is just a couple of bulk boxes
that I got from Lowes, double-a and
triple-a. The next thing you’re gonna need is a radio.
You want to be informed about what’s
going on, keep up with the weather, make sure you know what’s going on around you.
So you don’t have to use up all your batteries, you also wanna make sure you have plenty of
candles around the house. If you don’t
have many, you can go get these little tea light
candles, you can get a hundred of them for like five bucks. That’s definitely not a
problem at my house because my wife has an intense candle addiction. They’re
everywhere all over my
house, it’s crazy. Ill try to show you guys a
picture of them. I’m sure there’s at least 50 laying
around the house. And that’s pretty much
it guys, there are few more things I think you
should do you know that a power outage
may be coming, if you know there’s ice
storm coming your way
You defiantly want to go ahead and make sure your phone is charged, make sure your computer is
charged. Make sure all your vehicles are
full of gas. Id also like to have a cooler
full of ice to keep the food from the
refrigerator cold. like I said earlier in
the video, its nice to already be at a
higher level of preparedness because
these kind of things can catch you off guard, and you never know when your power might go out.
And you don’t want to be that guy last minute
trying to brave the icy roads or fight
those crowds at Walmart. So go ahead and stock up on some of these things, keep them around
the house that way always be prepared
for when it happens. But like I said this
is just a few things I thought you might
want to think about, I’m sure you gonna
have a whole lot of other suggestions so
please put them in the comments below
and lets get a good discussion going thank yall for watching and we’ll see you later
this is a serious addiction
this is crazy what we live in a
three-room house there was at least 10
days in each room this is intense I’m
not take credit for the others but they
don’t even have wicks word I love my way

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  1. Be ready for power outages that are comming soon. Everyone should have supplies for at the very least 6 months. If not this year, 2020 for definate. Dark times ahead.
    Please be aware of deception as well. Project Bluebeam, Garden Plot, 5G, Fema,EMP,ect.

  2. How did it go with wasting all that money for one day the power was out. Do you feel better about yourself with less money

  3. I am addicted to buying candles for my mom, I keep extras on the hutch in our kitchen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. If it’s an ice storm I’m imagining that it’s snowing and water will freeze.

    So buy some ice substitute or put water outside to freeze put and put it in your fridge to keep things cooled.

    Buy a big cooler also they sell adapters for those Mr. Heaters to use big the regular propane cylinders.

  5. If you've never been through an outage before, you're bound to forget something when you prep so a dry run is a good idea. Spend a weekend with the main breaker shut off and make notes. You'll be amazed at how long the list is at the end of the trial. We found that we wanted much more light than we thought we would so we how have a box of super bright LED lanterns, head lights and solar pathway lights modified with squares from a 2×6 as a base.

  6. A solar power bank is a good thing to have. We have a starting help and a solar power bank to keep rechargeable torches and phones working.