13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Yifeng Xml T6 Where Can I Shop At 14:41

  1. Wow what a kit!!! Amazing amount of stuff you have packed in there! Good idea on the Bic lighters. I LIKED THE VIDEO SO I WON'T COMPLAIN 😀

  2. Awesome kit! Im just starting out with my own channel, you and a list of others have inspired me to do so!

  3. I like your kit. I enjoy your videos too. I like that you seem pretty laid back and that you are thorough in your presentation.

  4. Brilliant ideas! I'll try this waxed denim!
    I dont quite get the idea of the bark. Since your kit will go from civilisation (with all these man made materials) to wilderness (where you have good chances to find birch trees) why not taking something else in your kit (like a candle or esbit tablets) and refill your kit with natural materials only after you use the man made stuff?
    I saw some of your vids about altoids cans. I used one to poor melted wax in and make a survival candle once. I still today think that a full kit in such a can is borderline "not the way i see things"; I must admit they have their place when it comes to "fire kits" or misc containers.
    Clever and didactic vid! Thx

  5. You should add a small magnifying glass lens to your kit. You dont need so many lighters, free up some room. Matches with the tips soaked in wax work better for me imo. Cotton swabs covered in petroleum jelly are great to have on hand as well. They double as long lasting fire starters and make good wadding to keep in deep wounds and help keep from getting infected.