12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Z13-3618 For Sale Online At 9:38

  1. I'm glad rehab worked out for you. I got one from County Comm, and one from Rainier Arms when I bought an upper from them.

    I keep these in my man-purse, and I have broken them by external abuse. Generally awesome though, and pretty inexpensive.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement – it was tough but I got through it.
    Thanks for the heads up – tried a new video editing process. Guess what – it didn't work.

  3. thats my favorite utensil for outdoors,thank for a good review,i like simple and basic on somethings and this one of them.thanks brother.take care

  4. Glad you liked the review. Report back in as you use it more if you have any updates.

  5. I sell the titanium version in my Ebay Store called " Outdoor Gear and More" for 9.80 each. Light My Fire has a great product line

  6. Personally I prefer the CRKT Eat 'N Tool but I went out to the mountains to do about a 200-mile hike and the LMF worked amazingly the only problem was that on the return trip it broke in half which didn't really damaged the use of it since I just had two utensils to carry around. Overall a great video man keep up the great work!