12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Z13-3618 For Sale Online At 9:38

  1. I'm glad rehab worked out for you. I got one from County Comm, and one from Rainier Arms when I bought an upper from them.

    I keep these in my man-purse, and I have broken them by external abuse. Generally awesome though, and pretty inexpensive.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement – it was tough but I got through it.
    Thanks for the heads up – tried a new video editing process. Guess what – it didn't work.

  3. thats my favorite utensil for outdoors,thank for a good review,i like simple and basic on somethings and this one of them.thanks brother.take care

  4. I sell the titanium version in my Ebay Store called " Outdoor Gear and More" for 9.80 each. Light My Fire has a great product line

  5. Personally I prefer the CRKT Eat 'N Tool but I went out to the mountains to do about a 200-mile hike and the LMF worked amazingly the only problem was that on the return trip it broke in half which didn't really damaged the use of it since I just had two utensils to carry around. Overall a great video man keep up the great work!