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What’s up guys,for today’s video I’m going to unbox paragon knife. This is probably the most unique knife
I’ve ever seen and I had to
get it.
It costs about 260 dollar
plus shipping. It’s a little bit pricey but it’s worth
it because it’s very unique I had to get it and
show it to you what it’s all about.
Pop this open, boom.
Check this out. Regular knives
there is actually,you can see there is a knife
and you would unfold it or press something
and it would get unfolded but this one
is very very different. It doesn’t even look like
there is a knife inside of it. It looks like a
piece of stick doesn’t it. Maybe right
here it looks like a knife. I would hold it like this upside down
then press it and boom
the knife will unfold and if I wanna fold
it all I have to do is press it again it opens up
and then if falls in, boom and then it closes.
Let me show you close up how it works .
You press it, it falls out. You see
from inside of that from the handle
and then you close it. Now you think how
do I close this knife and to close it very simple you just
hold it like this and boom.
It’s a dager style knife. You can also get
a regular style knife. There are two different types.
I love that you open it you don’t even
touch the blade of the knife boom.
On this one you don’t have to touch the blade of
the knife to open it but on most folding knives
to close it you will have something like that
to push it and close the blade.
You actually have to touch the blade.
This one is cool. You open it
all you have to do is press it, you see
it opens.
Then you fold it boom. Here’s the fast deploy.
Awesome! Love this knife, super super
You could flip it out like that but again be careful.
Don’t let it go and stab yourself.
And who knows how long they are going to have these knives out for sale.
They might discontinue them for some reason.
So I definetly wanted to get one for
myself. Well guys once again , the most unique knife
I’ve ever seen. You see I can even open it
like this when it does not look down.
This way it’s even easier to open it but
it’s just gravity wise to open
it and close it. What do you guys think. Let me know in the
comments below and also if you haven’t seen I
put also five weird knives to the test
I’ll put links in the description, go and check out that video
and thank you for whatching and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
and I’ll see you next time.

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Tactical Flashlights 5000 Lumens How Can One Purchase

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  1. I got one that is different. It's about $200. From CRKT Provoke Kinematic Folding Karambit Knife by Joe Caswell 4040

  2. This one doesn't look like it was worth the Rubles! Check out the Ganzo Firebird line, for some incredible blades for the price.

  3. Seperated with spiral of rubber coated electric wire underwater for tables motor put on table maybe