13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights 5000 Lumens Lowest Price For CBD At 7:47

  1. I think we all feel the same way why do I carry all this shit. The items are cool it's a hobby it's who we are. We look forward to the mailman bring us more cool shit.

  2. I carry an edc bag too with a lot of the same stuff. My friends and people at work make fun of me but they are the ones to always come to me looking for a battery charger or a tool or a bandage.

  3. Why carry duplicate items? Apart from redundancy, extras could become barter items in a SHTF scenario. You never know. Nice video.

  4. i get made fun of all the time for carrying what i do in my bag ( i work in a daycare ) you know how many times someone i work with asks if theu can use something from me bag cause they don't have it lol