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  1. Very interesting, I have been looking for something to keep in my vehicle. I will check this one out, thanks for sharing Richard 🙂

  2. question…i ask u cause like i said before u are the man!…so my question is…i have recently bought water wisteria…its supposed to be a fast grower and easy to care for…..i have swords..ozlets..ferns…anubias..val… etc in my tank…..everything is flourishing…i cant seem to get the wisteria to flourish at all….ive floated it and even planted it and it melts no matter what….why of all plants, the one that should be a no brainer is giving the most problems….would you happen to know why

  3. Mate..
    I have had this torch for a while now and dis a shout out on it, as it's a cracking bit of kit..
    I just checked your link, and it's to the smaller version, ( which i want to get my wife for her car..
    Really robust multi bit of kit….
    It can do 4 full charges of a I phone….
    Be safe Mack

  4. Hi Richard! I like your dinosaur. There was a place not too far from me built one and had it by the road. Then it disappeared. Sold, I guess. Or custom built and picked up by the customer. Anyway, it was a Triceratops looking one and about 12 feet long and 5 or 6 feet high. Neat. The flashlight looks to be a pretty useful tool.

  5. I'm only starting out prepping (way too late in my mind) but I'm starting to like Suaoki. Just waiting on 2 of their 25w solar usb panels to arrive based on watching a lot of comparative reviews (after weeding out the BS from some shills) but hopeful they will live up to the reputation. Regards the safety torch my only wish would be if they added a solar and crank to it. Then it would be perfect imho. Subbed.

  6. Thank you for demonstrating on the window break.I was curious if it would still charger after the impact. Watched four videos trying to see if someone would really put it to the test and you did it. Thank you again