12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlights Amazon Where Does One Buy At 6:43

  1. Keep up the great work I enjoy all your videos you can’t help from someone else being jealous

  2. Hello I'm replacing my axe, that has worn out, Im homeless and survive in the Arizona desert, I would greatly appreciate if you or anyone in the comments has this axe and uses it on a weekly or daily basis and tell me how it is holding up.

  3. I was a wannabe until I wasn’t. Then I wanted to be a wannabe again. I own that axe, love it!

  4. We learned something in school way back when and I am bringing this up only because you said someone called you a wannabe. And then you said I digress to cover the falling off topic. You used "actually" way too many times sir. within a half a minute you said it half a dozen times That is called repetitive speech. Try to stay away from that when making videos. You come off a lot more knowledgeable in the end. You know your stuff but you fool people into thinking you don't sometimes.

  5. Im 70 and I'm still a wannabe !! If you're not a wanna be then you are a quitter . We ain't no quitter. I once lost a fight for 35 minutes until my opponent could no longer raise his arms ,then I owned him !!!

  6. Yeah, I wannabe in possession of enough knowledge and tools to survive almost any situation. I learn something new to me almost every day. Some of it from Survival On Purpose.