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  1. Zdravo Patricija je pa tudi v Sloveniji je v redu zdravo v tem času se mi je zdelo se je nej se je nej se mu dogaja zdravo zdravo zdravo je bil črtek 38 in sredo ob priliki

  2. I used to spray half an oz or more into my motorcycle gas tank,,,I swear it helped lubricate the engine.

  3. Noice! Definitely picked up a few things I didn't know before like getting sap off windshields is a big one! Thank you!

  4. WD-40 was originally called the Rocket Chemical Company and was created to displace water off she skin of the Atlas nuclear missile around 1953….The name was then changed to
    WD-40 …. short for Water Displacement 40, the 40 being from it being the 40th formula they had created.

  5. I think everyone's Grandfather had WD-40 and Marvelous Mystery Oil…and to this day what the formulas for both of those products it still a secret….we just know that they work..from our Grandfather, old mechanics and tue farmers.

  6. if this is a petroleum product like you said then you should probably wash your hands after using it to dissolve grease on your hands. I believe petroleum products are known carcinogens.

  7. Partner it with a lighter and you have an excellent flamethrower (seen it once in another YouTube channel demonstrating how to kill an entire hornet colony).