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  1. I have a p12gt mounted on my AR15. I use this as my EDC light so I only put it on the gun when shooting. I purchased a p10 to mount on the gun as a replacement and was a little disappointed with the throw compared to the p12gt. nothing wrong with the flashlight just not the same. what would you recommend to mount on the AR that is comparable to the p12gt?

  2. Which flashlight do you recommend the nitecore ec20 or p12 or p12 2015 edition? Which one is brighter? Which is better at battery life?
    Nice video! Greetings from Hungary

  3. Hi, I am deciding to buy some rechargeable battery for my nitecore p12.
    is it better to use 1x 18650 (3.7 Volts, 3400 mAh) or 2x cr123 (each 3
    V, 1500 mAh)???

    Personally, i prefer to maximize brightness (blinding power) over total running time.

    And thanks for the video, dude!

  4. I love your depth and explanations, especially on the batteries. I'm probably going to pick up a P12 on the upcoming Black Friday or Christmas. For EDC use I'm probably going to use an 18650

  5. Will it take the recoil of an ar15 and maybe some pressure waves from my comp.

  6. You mention the compact size a dozen times in various ways, but you never said what the actual size is. Is it 3", 4", 6" ???

  7. The holsters are crap. replace it with a maxpedition holster. Good light carried one for about 7 years now. I like the aircraft beacon mode because it can do it! Might never need it though!