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  1. A good method for making feather sticks indeed. I've seen other ways but this method seems simpler and more effective. Thanks for the video my friend.

  2. Great method. I've seen several similar ways of making feather sticks, and I've used them a time or two. I was wondering what the advantage of using feather sticks is to just using a handful or two of shavings. I seem to get a hotter initial burn with shavings and am curious. Thanks for the great videos by the way, it's always nice to learn something new and to refresh my knowledge.

  3. +Dave839 For for the late response the new google comments change tubed me again.  TO answer your question Shavings can do awesome! and if you can make good feather sticks I would certainly use shavings.  I think the thing I personally like about feather sticks better is they don't tend to snuff out the tinder.  Because you can lay them up against the brace.  Whereas shavings you can lay down a stick or something to keep them from snuffing it out.  I think it is 6 one way half a dozen another.  The real key is to have plenty of whatever you use and don't let them snuff out the tinder. 

  4. First of I would like to i love your videos brother and this is a great tip to use… and I have a quick question for you that is unrelated to the video but in your opinion what's a good way to secure open food if you are backpack camping? I am worried if I don't secure it properly I will attract animals to my camping area

  5. I am not old enough to have a knife so I will use a small shovel! Idk if this will work but it will be fun to try